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Hail the King Chapter 293.1

Chapter 293: The Courage to Fight Back (Part One)

“Hedgehogs have spikes around their bodies, and porcupines have poisons on their backs. These animals have these defense mechanisms to scare off some of their enemies. These are the only methods that the weak animals have. My image in other people’s eyes is crazy, like a beast that is not scared of any kind of consequences. This would scare the people who want to reach their claws into Chambord. People who want to do that would need to prepare for the counterattack.”

Fei paused a little when he said that. After seeing the mysterious man didn’t get angry, he continued: “From my perspective, the only weapon the weak people have is the courage to fight back and the willingness to go down together with the enemies. This would make the powerful people really think before they do anything.”

“Be willing to go down together with the enemies?” The mysterious man murmured. A long period of silence followed.

After some time has passed, a strange smiled appeared on the mysterious man’s face. It was the first time that Fei saw an emotion on this man’s face. The mysterious man looked up at the sky, and his eyes wandered around the stars. As if he was thinking back to a long time ago, he murmured slowly and quietly: “Yeah, the courage to fight back…… The time passed by too fast. Another person said similar words many years ago. Just like you, he said it me in a similar situation. In addition, he actually followed through, and he was more impressive……”

“Elder, are you talking about Emperor Yassin?” For some reason, the word “Yassin” jumped out of Fei’s mouth sub-consciously as he heard that.

“Eh?” The mysterious man was surprised. “Yeah, it was him.”

The man was silent after he said that.

He didn’t expect the young king to be so similar to that man. Maybe the young king and the emperor were the same kinds of people. No one would know that when the mysterious man was watching over Fei for the last while, he felt like the time flowed backward for 30 years and he was witnessing that genius warrior’s climb.

“I’m similar to Emperor Yassin?” Fei was a little surprised. It was the first time that he heard such a comment.

“Eh.” The mysterious man nodded. After that, it was another long silence.

But after the man looked up again and saw the young king’s confused yet proud expression, he suddenly realized something. His expression turned serious as he said: “You can’t act like him!”

“Ah?” Fei was confused even more.

It was the first time that the mysterious man emphasized on something; the tone was really commanding.

However, Fei didn’t find that off-putting. He could feel a vague caring attitude behind the serious and commanding words. That touched Fei a little.

The mysterious man lightly shook his head and suddenly stood up.

In the next moment, a murderous spirit shot out of his body. As if he changed into another person, no more intimacy could be felt from him. Dashes of green warrior energies circled around him as his body enlarged a little.

He returned to the emotionless state that he was in when Fei first met him on the battlefield, and he said lightly: “Attack! Same thing, 10 strikes. This time, I’m going to unleash all of my power.”

Fei was a little surprised, but he nodded as he stood up.

He knew that since the man didn’t want to talk anymore, he couldn’t get anything out of him even if he tried.

What happened tonight already surprised Fei.

He thought that he would never be able to have a conversation with this mysterious man who only said one to two words at a time, but who knew that this mysterious man actively engaged in a conversation with him. Although the conversation was controlled by the mysterious man and Fei didn’t get all of the information that he wanted, this conversation did give him some hints. At least Fei now knew that this man was very close to Emperor Yassin, and this man knew the emperor for a long time.

Who was this man?

Fei was still asking himself that question before he punched out.


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  1. agila0212

    Thank you for the chapter 🙂

  2. Carlosott

    Come on Fei… for f#cks sake, you’re smart(supposedly) and the answer is kind of obvious, it’s clearly the martial saint(A.k.a the strongest warrior in the empire{i can’t remenber the exact title they gave him})

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