Chapter 294: [One Sword] (Part One)

It seemed like there was a lot of resentment between the Lodi Kingdom and the Maze Kingdom; the warriors of Lodi were very cruel when attacking.

The fourth individual match.

The warrior from Lodi’s side was Planic, the man who was named the number one warrior of Lodi.

He was a handsome and tall swordsman. He was in a blue suit, and his long hair fluttered in the wind. With a heavy sword on his shoulder, he walked up and dashed onto the Sword Testing Stage in the loud cheers of the Lodi soldiers.

The handsome swordsman had a very arrogant expression on his face, and the red warrior energy flame that enveloped his body soared into the sky. Aside from turning the stage into the color red, there were five star-swirls inside the flame. These five star-swirls circled around Planic, and they represented the five-star warrior identity of him.

A five-star warrior who was less than 30 years old? He would be considered a genius warrior on Azeroth.

The more powerful Planic was, the more pressure Maze Kingdom faced.

Planic stood on the stage with his heavy sword, and he pointed his thumb down to provoke at Maze even more. After that, he spat onto the ground in the direction of Maze and stepped it. His flaming tactic worked.

For a moment, no one at Maze dared to go on stage to battle.

Under the lead of some of the Lodi warriors, thousands of people in the audience started to laugh, and some of them even started booing

“I don’t like that guy.” Angela suddenly got close to Fei and whispered it into Fei’s ear. Her sweet scent went into Fei’s nose, and it was little ticklish.

She was holding onto Fei’s hand with her smooth and soft hands, and she must have felt that Planic wasn’t behaving like a true warrior.

“Of course, you can’t like him. You can only like me!” Fei squeezed Angela’s hands a little as he joked.

“No….. I mean he is too arrogant.” Angela explained herself with a blush.

“But many people said that I’m arrogant as well.” Fei continued to tease her: “So you don’t like me as well?”

Angela was a little surprised, and then she squeezed Fei’s hand as hard as she could.

In the crowd, the big and the little figure were both covered in the black cloaks. The hat on the cloaks covered over two-thirds of their faces, and they were able to tease each other and play with each other freely. It felt like they were a young couple in high school.

Fei suddenly felt like he was back to his previous life and he was standing next to the girl who he had a crush on in high school; that little nervousness, that little excitement, and that little blush……

The only thing was that the girl who Fei had a crush on didn‘t really pay attention to him. Now, the beautiful girl beside him was completely focused on him. Under such comparison, Fei felt like the pure girl beside him right now was even more important to his life.

The first time Fei felt good about coming to this world was when he first saw Angela. Although he never told her that, Fei had made a promise to himself that he would be around this girl and protect her for the rest of his life.

As the two of them were intoxicated in the sweet feelings between them, changes occurred.

Suddenly, all of the noises around the stage disappeared. Everyone in the crowd closed their mouths, including the warriors of Lodi who started it all. In fact, these warriors didn’t even dare to look up at the stage.

Fei was surprised by all of this, and he looked up.

A person in a rough robe slowly walked out of Maze Kingdom’s resting area.

This man wasn’t tall, and he wasn’t big. He was carrying a normal sized sword on his back; the sword was half-rusted and had chipped blades. As he walked toward the stage, no power sensation could be felt from him, let alone warrior energy flames. Like an ordinary person, he used the stairs on the stage and slowly climbed up.

He looked like a powerless civilian.

The half-rusted sword also looked more like a blade for cutting firewood rather than enemies.

However, no one dared to treat this man as an ordinary person, and no one dared to treat this blade as a tool of a lumberjack.

Everyone knew who he was.

Everyone knew who that blade had killed.

Fei’s pupil contracted as he recognized the man.

[One Sword].

He was [One Sword].

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