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Hail the King Chapter 296.1

Chapter 296: [One Punch Seven Injuries] (Part One)

“Who was that? Stand the fu*k out!”

The young man was infuriated. He looked down at the crowd and locked his eyes onto Fei and Angela. “Hey, you two, yeah, you guys. Stop right there. What are you looking at? It must be you guys who said that. All dressed in black…… you guys don’t look like some nice people. How dare you guys slander me?”

This arrogant, violent, and rude warrior was really short-tempered. As he said that, he was about to jump off of the stage and attack. But in a split second, he couldn’t spot the two people anymore. As if they used some unknown magic, they were nowhere to be seen.


“Why are we leaving? I thought you are going to teach him a lesson?” After they left, Angela leaned her soft body against Fei and asked.

“My mission today is to spend time with my beautiful queen; I’m not here to fight.” Fei laughed as he tapped the girl’s nose.

Although that young man in fancy silver armor was extremely arrogant, Fei could tell that his strength was not bad; Fei even sensed a little danger as if that young man had some hidden power.

The idiotic arrogance that young man put out was probably a fake persona. If Fei wasn’t wrong, that young man was able to get into the final kingdom ranking matches. There was a high chance that Fei will encounter him there, and Fei would have all the time in the world to teach him lessons.

Fei and Angela wandered around the battle region.

After about ten minutes, a series of sharp screams sounded in front of them.

These screams were like the screams of a beast who was about to die; it sounded terrifying and horrific. Afterward, loud gasps of the crowd sounded. Then, nose-piercing blood smell dispersed into the area. It was so thick that it felt like it was blood flowing in the air rather than the smell of it.

“Ah, what is this smell? It stinks! What happened?” Angela frowned.

Fei looked forward at a Sword-Testing Stage.

There was a battle going on.

A purple figure was dashing around in a circle, and his footwork was so fast that he left dashes of phantoms in the air. The two strangely shaped blades in his hands flashed around as they cut at a cloud of blood mist that was in the center of the circle……

After Fei took a closer look, he was shocked.

Inside of the blood mist, there was a person who had no more skin on his body.

Every time the purple figure waved the blades, a small piece of flesh that was about the size of the fingernail would fly out of his opponent’s body. In less than ten seconds, the purple figure already struck out more than a hundred times. The opponent wanted to dodge, but he wasn’t able to get away from the tornado-like blades. The battle was in complete control of the purple figure, and the man in the center of the blood mist can only scream, cry, and die!

After 20 seconds, the purple figure finally stopped and drew back his blades.

Now, the man that was in the center of the blood mist and rotating around stopped as well. He was more than just dead. He got turned into a clean and white skeleton; not a bit of blood or flesh could be seen on it.

Clank! The skeleton fell to the ground and broke into many pieces.

Such a cruel technique.

Fei lightly frowned.

That purple figure was extremely fast, and his technique was also strange. His control of the blades was on another level as he was able to clean all of the flesh off of that person that fast…… It was obvious that this purple figure was much stronger than his opponent, and he was able to win this match using only one strike. However, he used the cruelest way of all, and he made more than a hundred cuts on his opponent. This man was a sick psycho!

But undoubtedly, he was also a master warrior.

Fei didn’t stay at this stage for too long, and he left with Angela soon.

The scene there was too bloody, and he was afraid that his fiancée would get frightened.

This was the destiny of warriors on the Azeroth Continent. You either kill others or get killed by others. If one wanted to survive on this continent, he or she would have to get stronger and stronger. That was the only way to protect the people and things that he or she loved.

After Fei and Angela walked forward for a little, they saw another Sword-Testing Stage that was crowded with many people. People were cheering, and thunder-liking clapping noises resonated in the area. Fei took a look, and the person on the stage was the young king of Byzantine – Constantine.

Fei stopped and watched from afar.

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  2. “The battle was in complete control of the purple figure”

    Are you getting philosophical on us?
    You don’t control the battle… the battle controls you!

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