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Hail the King Chapter 297.1

Chapter 297: Sudden Change (Part One)

The noisy crowd started to rush toward one particular Sword-Testing Stage.

Fei only saw this before in his previous life when a celebrity appeared on the street. Many people in the crowd got stepped on and lost their shoes, and some traveling poets who were leading the rush got pulled back by people and got their robes ripped. The least fortunate people fell down and got stepped over by many other; they almost died. It was chaotic.

“Let’s see who dares to call herself the number one goddess of affiliated kingdoms? Eh, it is definitely my Angela who deserves that name!” Fei teased his fiancée as he pulled on her hands. A light invisible force emitted from his body, and no one could get too close to them.

Soon, the two of them got to the No. 14 Sword-Testing Stage.

The stage itself was surrounded by more than 4,000 people, and it was packed! This was more than the audience at Chambord’s and other level 1 affiliated kingdoms’ battles. Some of the over-confident young men already had gifts and roses in their hands as they cheered on Cindy’s name.

Fei lightly exerted some of his force and created some space; he didn’t want Angela to get squeezed.

Before the match began and before Cindy got on stage, the atmosphere was already at a climax. From the chatters around him, Fei heard that the Bulan Kingdom was a mid-tier level 3 affiliated kingdom, and they weren’t the crowd favorite. But during the match yesterday, Princess Cindy of Bulan unbelievably killed a master warrior of a level 2 affiliated kingdom with one strike.

That shocked a lot of people, and Matt Razi who was the number one traveling poet of the empire walked by and commented that Princess Cindy would be a top 3 candidate in the kingdom ranking matches.

Matt Razi was never wrong, and that made Princess Cindy who was already pretty gain a lot of fame. Some of the traveling poets gave her the name [Number One Goddess of Affiliated Kingdoms], and many men got a crush on her. In a short time, she gained a lot of popularity, and her fame was on par with the two legends – [One Sword] and the King of Chambord.

“Matt Razi said that she is going to be in the top 3?”

Fei was a little surprised.

Matt Razi appeared when Fei was battling the Executive Knights. Although the man didn’t show much of himself, Fei knew that this man was very powerful with hidden strength. The man who was named as the number one traveling poet of the empire must have a great observation and identification skill. Since Matt Razi gave such high praise, this princess of Bulan must have got some tricks up her sleeves.

As people around him talked more and more, Fei got a little interested in this girl.

Soon, the matches started. In the first few rounds, the participants from the Bulan Kingdom were all men. They won two out of the five individual matches. The performance was really average, and Fei was getting a little impatient.

Suddenly, a red figure appeared on the stage.

Princess Cindy.

She was absolutely beautiful. Like a goddess, even her frowning expression moved a lot of men.

The red magic armor protected her arms and torso, and her slender waist was exposed. Her red skirt covered her butt and one-third of her legs, and the rest of her legs were naked but protected by the red magic energy emitting from the armor. Most of her red hair was tied behind her head by a white silky band, and some of the hair beside her face fluttered in the wind. What was the most eye-catching was a red wand that was about 150 centimeters long. There was a red magic gem inlaid in the wand, and it was about the size of a dragon’s eye.

A mage!

Fei was surprised again. It was the first time that he saw a mage on the Sword-Testing Stages.

Although mage was one of the dominating professions, there were a lot fewer mages than warriors. Mage was an expensive and noble profession; a lot of resources were needed to cultivate a mage as the amount was comparable to equipping and maintaining a heavy cavalry troop. Therefore, there were a lot fewer mages in this competition as any loss would be devastating. Fei didn’t expect the Bulan Kingdom to have such a powerful mage!

The armor this girl was wearing was a powerful magic set. Circles of red magic energies surged around Princess Cindy like the waves in the ocean, and Fei who was a level 54 Barbarian couldn’t clearly detect the level of her.

She was someone who Fei had to respect.

As if she sensed the stare, Cindy looked at Fei as lights flashed in her eyes. It was an advanced detection magic. Although the powerful magic rapidly scanned Fei’s body, the princess of Bulan shook her head. She thought she was hallucinating since she didn’t discover anything.

Fei who was under the cover of the cloak smiled.

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