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Hail the King Chapter 299.1

Chapter 299: As If They Just Met (Part One)

No one was able to survive after taking one strike from the person with the five-colored mask, and no one knew where this person came from. Like an unsolved mystery, this person couldn’t be identified. However, anyone who was in the way of the [Letter Office] was taken out by this person.

As the war in the southern regions of Zenit got heated, as the military competition of Zenit was at its climax, only a few people knew that the underground forces at St. Petersburg got reshuffled. This was unknown to a lot of people. But to people who knew what happened, it was shocking like a loud thunder. It was opening the curtain to another bloody day.

This thunder-like change took place really fast.

In a short time, the mysterious organization [Letter Office] quickly acquired a few mercenary groups and other organizations by using the money from the old man and the young boy as well as the powerful strength of the masked person. Although it was still small, it established its ground. Like a poison that was odorless and colorless, it was quietly leaking into numerous forces around the region.


In the two days, the preliminary matches were completed.

After four days of battles, each of the five battle regions got their top ten masters as well as the top five kingdoms. The masters and kingdoms that lost were getting ready to go to the southern regions of Zenit for the war, and the masters and the kingdoms that are placed got a day of rest before the kingdom ranking matches.

The outcome of the kingdom ranking matches was important. The masters with higher ranks would get to have more control of the new legion. According to the Military Headquarters, the positions of the legion commander, as well as upper-level officials of this new legion, would all be filled by the masters and kingdomsè representatives that were in the kingdom ranking matches. This alone was a delicious piece of meat, and none of the affiliated kingdoms in Zenit had gotten this chance since the establishment of Zenit. Because of this attractive offer, all the candidates of the kingdom ranking matches went crazy.

Chambord was invincible in the northern battle region. They defeated everyone including two powerful level 1 affiliated kingdoms and three top-tier level 2 affiliated kingdoms.

Out of the top ten masters in the northern battle region, eight of them were Chambordians. At the same time, the 50 Saint Seiyas also got a record of 24-0! It was a legendary record, and Chambord got the number one position in the team matches in the region.

The fact that a little level 6 affiliated kingdom became the only kingdom that didn’t drop a single match among all affiliated kingdoms shocked everyone once again. The young king of Chambord, as well as the warriors under his command, became stories told by many traveling poets. Almost everyone knew about it.


Powerful masters also appeared in other battle regions.

The king of Byzantine, Constantine, became the ninth seated master in the southern battle region, but his kingdom didn’t get placed in the top five kingdoms and lost the opportunity to continue forward. The [Fire and Wind Dual Warrior] of the Gudong Kingdom’s warriors, Huerk and Kanort, were the top 10 warriors of their battle region. [Bloody Duel Blade] who turned six of his opponents into skeletons was in the top ten, and [Silver Armored Vicious Sword] who Fei met was the number one warrior of the eastern battle region. Prince Cindy of Bulan was the number two warrior of the western battle region after [One Sword]……

Five battle regions, 50 masters, and 25 kingdoms were going to compete the next day.

In the last four days, more than 600 warriors died, more than 1,000 warriors got injured, and more than 2,000 normal soldiers suffered causalities. All these numbers were actually a lot lower. After all, since the war was coming, a lot of the kingdoms decided to go at it in a more peaceful manner; more strength should be saved for the invading enemies. However, the upcoming kingdom ranking matches were totally different. Since the commanding power of the new legion was up for grab, the matches would be bloody and cruel.

During the rest day before the kingdom ranking matches, [Zenit’s God of War]] Arshavin led [Iron Blood Legion], [Whip of the Thunderlord], and [Anger of the Fire Lord] to the gate of St. Petersburg for a pre-war ritual. The three legions that totaled more than 50,000 elite soldiers were going to go to the southern regions to take down the Spartax invaders. Except for the three legions, more than 100 royal mages were going to be with Arshavin as well. On top of that, four Executive Knights, [White Cloud Knight], [Shadow Knight], [Bloodthirst Knight], and [Punishment Knight] would follow along with their four Executive Cavalries that were equipped to the teeth.

The reinforcement to the south almost accounted for one-fifth of the empire’s military power. The troops were strong, and the commanding general Arshavin had never lost a war. For a moment, almost everyone got optimistic about the war.

Before the reinforcement troops left for the south, Fei met up with elder princess Tanasha who he last saw at [Hot Spring Gate].

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