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Hail the King Chapter 300.1

Chapter 300: The Ranking of Masters (Part One)

“In three hours, my brother Andrew is going to lead the legions towards the southern regions. Alexander, what do you think about the upcoming war?” The Elder Princess was suddenly feeling a little down after Fei only smiled at her. She wanted to draw this young king to her party, but she somehow changed the topic as the words were about to be said.

“[Zenit’s God of War] his highness is invincible. He would definitely kill all the Spartax invaders!” Fei said.

“Really? You really think that? Don’t you think it is a little fishy that the Spartax troops suddenly broke through the defense line at Razor City? Before that, they couldn’t get through it for 15 days.”

Fei was really surprised.

“So this princess mean…… there are secrets behind this big loss that were intentionally covered?”

As Fei wanted to ask more questions, a team of cavaliers rushed by. The cavalier that got off of the horse first was Romain. After he greeted Fei politely, he whispered something into the Elder Princess’ ear.

“The reinforcement troops are about to have the pre-war ritual. I need to leave. Oh, right. I miss Angela. If there is time, please let Angela hang out with me at St. Petersburg. I think we have a special connection.”

The Elder Princess got up and said farewells to Fei. After she got on her magic carriage, she left for the ritual hosted by the [Zenit’s God of War] Arshavin. She was guarded by the girl Ziene, Romain, and Romain’s cavalry team.

Fei rubbed his chin as he watched her leave.

What the Elder Princess said pointed to something huge and terrifying.

Fei was actually thinking about that as well. Zenit had a lot of soldiers on the border, and so did Spartax. The two empires had similar numbers of soldiers. In addition, the general at Razor City was Bolun Zhang, a famous elder general. Even though he wasn’t aggressive and good at attacking as Arshavin, he was better at defending and guarding. Since both empires had frictions with each other, they knew each other’s bottom-line pretty well. Razor City was a great place for defense since it was really hard to conquer, that made the one-night collapse of Zenit’s troops shocking.

Unless…… Spartax Empire doubled the number of soldiers it had on the border, or there were criminals who committed treason within the city and opened the gate to the enemies.

Neither of these explanations was good for Zenit.

Now, Fei realized that his idea of constructing Chambord’s own intelligence network by using Zolasc’s and Modric’s talent was an extraordinary idea. Although the power of this network was still weak and couldn’t help Fei out at the moment, it could grow rapidly. One day, it would give Fei information that others won’t have. He would be no longer relying on other people’s words to make estimations and judgments. He needed the best information to figure out the truth.

Compared with truth, even the most accurate judgment was inferior.

Fei thought about all of that as the Elder Princess and her people merged into the huge group of people in the ritual ceremony.

When he turned around, he saw Paris who was in her usual white dress; she was standing 10 meters away. She was looking at Fei with a weird expression.

“What? Your majesty, are you switching side now since Arshavin got a stronger advantage? Is that why you are showing such generosity to the Elder Princess?” Paris walked toward Fei as the usual coquettish smile appeared on the face that made numerous man fell in love. Although she was smiling, her tone was a little hostile. It was obvious that she saw Fei gifting potions to the Elder Princess.

Fei pointed at the char beside him and signaled this demonic woman to take a seat. He then laughed and said: “You are mistaking. The empire is in a critical time, and everyone has to support the empire. I’m just doing what an affiliated king should do. You know once if St. Petersburg falls, none of us can be safe and secure.

“I’m not going to sit on the seat that Tanasha sat on!” Paris stared at Fei as she pulled the chair Fei was sitting on. After she sat down on that chair, she pointed at another chair further away and said: “You also can’t sit on the chair she sat on.”

Fei curled his lips as he moved to the chair Paris was pointing at. He looked at the girl who was throwing a child-like tantrum and shook his head; he was a little scared of this intelligent yet playful woman. “Who said the Elder Prince is at an advantage? Maybe a lot of people are supporting him right now, but these people can’t ultimately determine who the throne is going to go to. Dominguez his highness is still loved by Yassin his majesty. Hehehe, maybe when the Elder Prince gets the victory and comes back, the person sitting on the throne is the Second Prince.”

These types of situations happened too frequent in ancient Chinese history. For example, the Elder Prince of Qing First Emperor (The First Emperor of the First Dynasty, Qing, of Ancient China.) was supported by the majority of the officials and nobles, and the prince had the control of more than a million soldiers. However, such a heroic figure got the throne robbed from him by his useless brother via schemes and tricks. That just went to prove that the battle of the throne happened on the political level and not on the battleground.

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