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Hail the King Chapter 300.2

Chapter 300: The Ranking of Masters (Part Two)

After hearing Fei’s word, Paris smiled and got very lovely. She leaned her body forward and looked at Fei with her big and shiny eyes. “So you favor Dominguez his highness?” She asked softly.

Fei’s eyes slid down Paris’ face and peak at her cleavage sub-consciously. After that, he quickly laid back in his chair and laughed: “Does it matter who I favor?”

“Yes, it is really important.”  Paris detected what Fei did, and she laughed proudly. She laid back in her chair and switched back to a serious face. “From the military order, the 244 affiliated kingdoms would need to come together and create a new legion, and the number one master in the kingdom ranking matches would be the commanding general of this legion. Alexander, you are one strong candidate for that position, and you might be the one who gets that power. Do you think that is not an important role?”

“Haha, yeah, I’m pretty important once you put it like that.”

Fei responded. As the sudden situations occurred, his status in the empire had changed dramatically. Before, he was an individual who only battled and fought with his own strength, and now he was like a major force at Zenit that had an effect on the highest level.

“Hehehe, you sure are not low-key about that. You should first try to see how you can become the number one warrior. There are too many young and talented warriors who made appearances in the competition thus far. They are all candidates for that number one position; your opponent isn’t just [One Sword].”

“If I want to become the number one, the rest of them can only watch!” Fei’s words expressed his absolute confidence in himself. This confidence came from Fei’s powerful individual strength.

“Yeah, but it is not wrong to be more careful.” Paris was shocked by the confidence that this young king had. A strange light flashed through her eyes, and she reminded Fei as she threw a thin booklet to Fei. The booklet was made with top-quality paper and craftsmanship.

“Look it through, it might be of help.” She said.

“The Estimated Rankings and Power Level – Masters from the five battle regions?”

Fei flipped through the booklet and saw detailed records of all 50 masters that made into the final round of matches including names, estimated power levels, break down of the combat techniques, battle styles, and habits. Fei saw his name first, then followed by [One Sword] and Princess Cindy of Bulan. Huerk and Kanort the [Fire and Wind Dual Warriors], [Bloody Duel Blade], and [Silver Armored Vicious Sword] who all had the chance facing Fei were all high-up on the list.

Constantine, the king of Byzantine, was ranked 33 on the list. Except for Fei, the highest-ranking master from Chambord was [Destructive Finger] Peter-Cech who was ranked 13, and the lowest-ranking master from Chambord was [Deadly Assassin of Shadow] Philip-Inzagi who was ranked 41.

Just from the ranking of these people alone, Fei was sure that the information recorded in the booklet had a lot of truth to it.

After Fe read through everything, he saw a line of fine print on the last page – “Zenit’s Number One Traveling Poet Matt Razi’s production. Limited to 100 copies. Selling Price: 10,000 gold coins.”

“Damn, this guy again.:

Matt Razi’s figure appeared in Fei’s head. “That guy must be a lover of money. No wonder his robe is flashy, and even his wine cup is made from gold. He sure knows how to make money the most efficient way.”

However, despite the greed, Matt Razi’s judgment was very accurate, and Fei believed 80% of what was in the booklet.

At this moment, a deep and loud bugle noise sounded.

Fei and Paris both look in the direction of the noise, and they found that the pre-war ritual just finished. Captain Romain was named the Herald, and he led 3,000 cavaliers as the first group of reinforcement to the south. The thunder-like clattering horse-hoof noises resonated in the area as the 3000 cavaliers rushed out of the ceremonial field and disappeared very fast.

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