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Hail the King Chapter 302.1

Chapter 302: Overall Increase (Part One)

Almost everyone at Byzantine treated Fei like their lord and savior.

They all knew that if it wasn’t for the king of Chambord, they could still be that weak southern kingdom that everyone was able to bully. Since this king helped them out at their lowest times and gave them a lot of top-tier weapons and armors, they were able to make a name for themselves. Their king Constantine was even able to become one of top ten master warriors in the southern battle region.

However, Fei didn’t stay here for too long.

He was here to solve the issue with the [Seven Injures Fist] that Constantine was practicing.

After Fei did some close inspections, he realized that the young king’s internal organs were damaged. Organs such as the heart, the lungs, the liver, and the stomach were all damaged to various degrees, and they were all beyond Fei’s estimations.

Fei suspected that the young king was too eager for progress. Constantine must have over-practiced. Although that did bring his mastery of the technique up, the damages his organs suffered was amplified as well.

“Here is a Six-Star Wood-Elemental Training Scroll. It only has the part on condensing warrior energy and using the wood-elemental warrior energy to heal the body. You can connect this warrior energy with the [Seven Injures Fist]. By using the two together, the power of the [Seven Injures Fist] will increase, and the negative side-effect of it will be temporally minimized.”

Fei gave a copy of the Six-Star Wood-Elemental Training Scroll to Constantine.

It was from that mysterious man of course.

In these few days, Fei would ask very specific questions and murmur to himself about other issues he was facing. Although that mysterious man rarely talked, he would always bring Fei either some of Emperor Yassin’s handwritten notes or some high-level training scrolls and magic scrolls.

Since Fei had the opportunity, he asked for some training scrolls that he needed at the moment. It wasn’t for him, but rather for his subordinates.

For example, this Wood-Elemental Warrior Energy Training Scroll was prepared for King Constantine.

In the Wuxia Novel, the main character Zhang Wuji was able to use the [Seven Injures Fist] without getting organ damages because he had a lot of Internal Force. (Wuxia Concept that is similar to Warrior Energy) In addition, because of the Internal Force he had, his [Seven Injures Fist] got even stronger because of it. Since Fei couldn’t find a Wuxia Internal Force Scroll, the Wood-Elemental Warrior Energy Scroll would do the job. The wood-elemental warrior energy was able to heal one’s self and was the elemental warrior energy that was closest to the Internal Force.

Just to make sure that his hypothesis was correct, Fei tried it out himself before giving it to Constantine. His body was special and can’t learn the warrior energy. It was perfect for testing because nothing would stick. After he was sure of its effects, Fei gave this scroll to Constantine.

The value of a Six-Star Warrior Energy Training Scroll was inestimable. Many affiliated kingdoms hadn’t even seen such scrolls before. Constantine couldn’t thank Fei enough after he saw what he was getting. He took the scroll and wanted to treat Fei to a dinner of the highest honor, but Fei refused.

There were just too many things that Fei had to take care of.

The kingdom ranking matches were tomorrow, and the battles would be crueler. If anyone wasn’t careful, they would die on the stage. Fei had to try his best to level up the leaders of Chambord.

After Fei returned, he decided to train alone first.

He didn’t go into Diablo World this time; he switched to Assassin Mode and carefully sensed the flow of Zen Energy in his body. He was experimenting and refining the Warrior Energy and Combat Technique Scrolls he was working on these couple of days.

After the initial boost, the progression slowed down for the leaders of Chambord. Their strengths no longer increased in a dramatic fashion.

Fei knew that it wasn’t because of their talents.

After drinking [Hulk Potions], the warrior energy channels of the leaders of Chambord all got widened. Their bodies also got purified. Their talents for cultivation got better.

Although they weren’t as comparable to the natural geniuses, they weren’t bad at all.

The true reason why their progression slowed down was that their training scrolls were all low-leveled. After all, the scrolls Fei created such as [Lightning Speed Fists] and [Corpse-Piling Shock Wave] were all based on Two to Three-Star Warrior Energy Training Scrolls Fei got from Priest Zola. Even though Fei increased the warrior energy channels and made them into Four-Star Training Scrolls, they were not enough at the moment.

Lampard was able to use the [Lightning Speed Fists] which was a top-tier Four-Star Training Scroll and become a five-star warrior. This former Chambord’s number one warrior was able to achieve this because he had his own secrets that Fei didn’t know about. All other leaders of Chambord were currently four-star warriors.

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