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Hail the King Chapter 303.1

Chapter 303: Second Bloodline (Part One)

Sagittarius Star Saint Set.

Scorpio Star Saint Set.

Cancer Star Saint Set.

These three Star Saint Sets were all made by Charsi in Diablo World. They were all made from [Demon’s Remains] and [Black Stone Essences]. The Cancer Star Saint Set had 60 components, the Sagittarius Star Saint Set had 115 components, and the Scorpio Star Saint Set had 100 components.  The number of the components corresponded with the number of stars in the constellations. Each component in the Star Saint Set represented the power of a star.

Before this, Fei already gave Oleg and Torres partial Star Saint Sets. As the two people got stronger, they were qualified to use the complete Star Saint Set.

Cech, on the other hand, didn’t get a Star Saint Set early on. Fei wasn’t sure which constellation Cech represented until these two days when Cech dominated the matches and used his fingers to crush his enemies. One of the twelve Golden Saint Seiya, Scorpio Milo, who used his fingers to cast [Scarlet Needle], and it was very similar to Cech’s cultivation path.

Therefore, Fei decided to gift Cech the Scorpio Star Saint Set.

It had been a while since Fei used the skill [Given].

The cold and mysterious voice sounded by Fei’s ear, and Fei confirmed the use of the skill.

In the next moment, the three black iron chests suddenly emitted a mysterious and vicissitudinous glare. As if it was blessed by the power of the stars, the chests flowed into the air and opened. Three metal beast-like armors appeared.

Then, something magical happened. Cech, Torres, and Oleg also flowed into the air as if they were pulled by a mysterious force. The three armors broke into their components, and they dashed at the three people and covered them.

After the mysterious and vicissitudinous glare disappeared, the armors perfectly covered the three people. All the vital spots on their bodies were covered by the components, and the armors were in alignment 100% with human anatomy and beauty. With the impressive appearance, the three warriors looked like three invincible gods.

That was the power of Star Saint Sets.

One day, the Saint Seiyas of Chambord would shock this continent with their Star Saint Sets and Star Powers.

After they got the Star Saint Set, Cech, Oleg, and Torres felt an unprecedented power in them.

This power was ancient and vicissitudinous just like the stars. Although the power was still a little weak at the current stage, the Saint Seiyas would be able to punch through the sky and tear the land like the gods in legends in the future. Everything was only contingent on the level of effort. As long as they practiced the method of connecting with the star in the heaven that suddenly appeared in their heads, they would get stronger and stronger.

[Given] didn’t just provide the three warriors with the Star Saint Sets and Star Properties, it also gave them the seeds of Star Power that were waiting to be awakened.

After experiencing the initial excitement and shock, the three warriors soon got used to summoning and putting away the Star Saint Sets. The powerful Star Saint Sets turned into three bright dots and dashed into the location between their eyebrows.

“This Seven-Star Warrior Energy Training Scroll also contains a very special combat technique; its name is [Scarlet Needle]. It should fit you very well.” Fei gave a finger-strike technique to Cech; it was really similar to the [Scarlet Needle], so Fei just named it that.

After the three warriors left the central tent, Fei was alone.

Issues with progression for the Chambord warriors were solved. Fei only had one remaining issue – Elena’s progression.

Currently, Elena was level 57. With her four magic elemental arrows, her damage was very lethal. She was able to fight against mid-tier and top-tier six-star warriors and mages. Although her damage was great, her defense was lacking. That was a big issue.

Although Fei tried his best and got Elena a few very good magic items, they couldn’t solve the root problem. Elena’s body wasn’t tough enough to handle the strikes that she might face the next day.

Fei felt a little helpless. [Hulk Potion] had zero effect on Elena who was from Diablo World, and the scrolls that Fei created couldn’t be used by Elena. Elena was a very important person in Fei’s life, but Fei just couldn’t do anything to help the situation.

After Fei thought about it for more than half an hour in the central tent, he didn’t come to a good solution.

Since it was still early, Fei decided to go into Diablo World and level up first.

After these two days of killing, Fei’s Barbarian character was already level 64. He got a lot of skills points and attribute points. On top of leveling up the basic and fundamental skills, Fei learned a few new ones such as [Leap Attack] and [Berserk]. As he got stronger, his physical strength increased at an even more dramatic fashion. He now could easily break a low-tier level 5 Blue Magic Sword with his hands.

According to the ranking system on Azeroth, Fei was almost an eight-star warrior.

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