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Hail the King Chapter 304.1

Chapter 304: Dragon Fist…… Dragon Fist…… (Part One)

Fei suddenly understood what was going on.

No wonder Elena couldn’t use the scrolls that Fei created nor the scrolls that were on Azeroth Continent for a long time. There was a hidden path of cultivation that was pre-setup for the mercenaries of Diablo World.

“Which one should I choose?”

Fei thought about it and looked at Elena who didn’t notice anything. It seemed like Elena couldn’t hear anything that this NPC said and couldn’t see the seven characters projection in front of Fei. Therefore, Fei explained what was going on to Elena. After all, she should choose since it was about her future cultivation.

Elena lightly caressed the bowstring on her bow. Her slender and smooth hands didn’t have any calluses that archers typically had. After Fei explained the pros and cons of each class to her, she seemed to have thought about it for a bit. Suddenly, she burst into laughter as Fei looked at her earnestly.

“Alexander, can you choose for me?” She asked.

This was the first time that Elena joked with Fei.

Fei was shocked by the prankster-like smile on this Valkyrie’s face. He felt like his eyes were burned by the unprecedented beauty, and everything around Elena had lost their colors and brilliance.

Finally, Fei chose Paladin as Elena’s second bloodline.

Among the seven classes, Paladin wasn’t as agile as Assassin and wasn’t as tough as Barbarian. However, it was good at both offense and defense. With the powerful self-healing and support abilities, she would be in great coordination with Fei.

Elena’s current class was in between Amazon and Sorceress, and Fei didn’t want her to become a Druid that would transform into beasts and a Necromancer that played around with corpses. After giving it some thought, Fei believed that Paladin was the most suitable class for Elena.

After Fei confirmed the selection, a dash of white flames flowed out of NPC Asheara’s body and merged into Elena’s forehead.

“There are a lot of new knowledge in my head…… they were never there before.”

Elena soon sensed the changes in her body.

It was a vague and strange feeling. Like how Fei gave Star Properties to people like Lampard, the reward of this quest gave the beautiful female mercenary a seed of new power. As long as she continued to kill monsters and accumulate experience points, this seed would grow into a tall tree that would soar into the sky.

After this was done, the two of them continued the third quest of [Kurast Docks].

The name of the quest was [Khalim’s Will]. It was a quest of collecting items, and it was very hard to complete. Fei and Elena had to go to places like [Spider Forest], [Flayer Jungle], and [Lower Kurast] to collect different items. They would then need to use Horadric Cube to transform them into the scepter [Khalim’s Will].

This scepter had unbelievable power and was needed to destroy the Compelling Orb that protected the final boss of [Kurast Docks], Mephisto. It was closely tied to the final quest [The Guardian] which required Fei to defeat Mephisto.

In the last few days of killing monsters, Fei had already collected the first few items. Since the required items were at different locations, getting to them wasted a lot of time. Currently, Fei still needed the last item.

In the next four hours, Fei and Elena moved towards the last item [Khalim’s Heart] and killed monster along the way. The two of them carefully searched the [Sewers of the Kurast Bazaar] with blood and chipped bones of monsters on their bodies, and they finally found [Khalim’s Heart] before the time limit of the day was up.

Fei didn’t choose to go back to [Kurast Docks] to transform the items into the scepter. Rather, he spent 50,000 gold coins and got some potions. These potions might save lives of Chambord tomorrow during the kingdom ranking matches. Then, he left Diablo World.


It was about evening in the real world.

The daytime during winter was really short, and the night came really quick. Darkness soon enveloped the world.

When Fei returned to his central tent, his bodyguard Torres came by and told him that Angela got invited by the Elder Princess Tanasha and she was at Tanasha’s palace right now. Tanasha sent another message to Fei later and said that Angela would be staying for the night as there was a party going on.

Fei lightly frowned, and he understood what Tanasha was trying to do.

However, it was good for Angela to experience parties where there were a lot of nobles and influential figures. If she liked those kinds of parties, Fei was willing to let her participate in more of those. After all, Fei wanted Angela to be happy and worry less.

After the simple dinner, the entire Chambord was focused on training and cultivation.

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  1. someonenice1210

    Thanks for the chapter~

    I guess not taking amazon class is correct ( I envisioned amazons as like wonder woman so I thought it was cool)
    Elena is like a paladin magic archer she can heal, buff and make magic arrows cool.

    • BellCross Wolfstein

      Elena is on her way to becoming an Angel that uses a bow.

  2. agila0212

    Thank you for the chapter 🙂

  3. OG

    Great Diablo players also aren’t writing these chapters…. Have fun with it. Also its been like a year since the story started and he was a moron…

  4. Pedro

    Everything diablo related hasn’t made much sense for a long time. At the start it was okay ish, but afterwards it seems like the author simply dropped all diablo mechanics all together. Now he just uses some of the names (sometimes) — and at times he even manages to use those wrong as well.

  5. Pedro

    So, since Elena can now combine classes, when will the MC be able to combine Diablo classes?

  6. Kareem Hussaini

    Angel with a shotgun! (Couldn’t resist naming a good song, everything in the brackets is a filler though)

  7. Eon

    Yet again the brainless Angela is getting blatantly manipulated. I genuinely believe that this might and will come back and bite them in the a-s.

  8. I wouldn’t let her go alone… I would just assume ther would be assassins and s--t. I mean, if they kill Angela, then Fei might rage so much he would basically kill himself by just rampaging and not giving a s--t to anyone

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