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Hail the King Chapter 305.1

Chapter 305: Two Kinds of Envious Treasures (Part One)


After hearing Fei’s words, the mysterious man who was about to leave staggered and almost fell down.

“Damn, this little b-----d dares to greed about [Dragon Fist]? He wants to see the technique scroll?” The man thought to himself.

The man who was always calm and collected almost lost his usual temperament.

Among hundreds of empires around Zenit, [Dragon Fist] was agreed by all to be a Moon-Class Combat Technique. It was named the [Number One Technique Among Ten Thousand Empires]. Many famous warriors had estimated that this technique created by genius warrior Yassin had the potential of becoming a Sun-Class Combat Technique.

A Sun-Class Combat Technique! It was something that was brighter than legends in the eyes of regular warriors.

A Sun-Class Combat Technique was a huge legend in itself.

It was ultra-precious!

For many years, numerous superpowers spent a lot of resources and wanted to just view the technique scroll of [Dragon Fist]. However, none of them was able to do so didn’t matter what kind of tricks or tactics they used. That was enough to further prove the preciousness of it.

Looking at it from another perspective, this technique was no longer just a combat technique; it was like the symbol of royalty. In Zenit, Emperor Yassin was the only person who mastered it. Even Arshavin and Dominguez who were the two princes that were most likely to inherit the throne hadn’t even seen it.

Now, this little greedy king dared to think about getting [Dragon Fist]?

The mysterious man felt the urge of turning around and smashing the greedy king into the ground.

However, he held back his emotions. He stabilized his body and took a deep breath. He then turned into a dash of light and disappeared into the darkness.

“Eh? Didn’t say anything? Hehe. So, he agreed to bring me [Dragon Fist]?”

Fei was looking forward to meeting the mysterious man tomorrow night.



When Fei returned to the campsite, the stars were fading away as the sun appeared on the horizon.

The new day was about to start, and the people of Chambord already got up and were getting ready for the day. After the warriors of Chambord got the training scrolls from Fei, they all rushed back to their tents and started the training. Since all the scrolls were created by Fei, they were very similar. With the foundation of cultivating via previous low-level training scrolls, they made good progress. Currently, they were all still in training.

Peter-Cech was the only exception. Because he had to organize the Saint Seiyas and select the most powerful ones for the upcoming team battles, he stopped the training and got to work.

Everyone at Chambord was giving their all.

All of them knew that the kingdom ranking matches was an opportunity that Chambord couldn’t miss.

A day ago, the Military Headquarters of Zenit decided that the number one warrior of this competition will be the commanding general of the new legion, and the top 20 warriors would all be placed in key roles in the new legion. This was Chambord’s opportunity.

Everyone could see that Chambord was powerful to a large degree.

Out of the ten master seats in the northern battle region, Chambord alone occupied eight. If they could maintain this moment, Fei might have complete control of this new legion.

As a result, Chambord Kingdom might become the most powerful affiliated kingdom of Zenit.

Although Fei didn’t set any real goals for Chambord, every master warrior of Chambord was working hard for their king; they all wanted to get into the top ten in the ranking matches. If Fei actually became the number one warrior and the commanding general of the new legion, they would be able to help Fei to have complete control of the new legion.

After seeing his busy subordinates, Fei understood their intentions and was very glad.

The Chambord that was loose and could be bullied by anyone was now extremely powerful and focused. With everyone focusing on the same objectives, the power the could exert by Chambord was on another level. Fei who was the creator of this felt a strong sense of achievement.

After a long day and a long evening, Fei used the few hours during the dawn to rest a little and relax his nerves in the central tent.

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