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Hail the King Chapter 306.1

Chapter 306: Chambord’s Steps (Part One)

Some wise people saw a lot of information through this opening ceremony.

It was heard that a lot of noble families and high-level ministers voiced their opinions and recommended other people for hosting the competition. However, Emperor Yassin who was really ill went against all recommendations and pointed Dominguez as the person who would be in charge of the whole competition.

This meant that Second Prince Dominguez still held an important position in the emperor’s mind; it didn’t go down when the war started.

When some people saw Dominguez standing on the stage with unparalleled presence, they became indecisive again; they weren’t sure if supporting Arshavin was a good idea anymore.

The opening ceremony as simple. After Dominguez welcomed everyone and went over the rules, the 50 masters each got a number just like the previous rounds of matches. Fei got No.22, a simple number.

After the masters got their number, they entered a draw for their opponents.

Fei got No.1, and it meant that Fei’s first battle would be with someone who previously drew the number 1. Fei wondered which battle region and which kingdom his opponent was from.

“Better not be a warrior from Chambord, or it would be a sad story.” Fei prayed.

This matchmaking system was full of uncertainty and surprises. There was a chance that warriors from the same kingdom would face each other, and Chambord’s chance was extremely high because they had eight warriors in the competition. The empire knew situations like this would happen, but it was necessary to keep the entire competition fair and square. This process won’t let the big families and superpowers to control the competition.

As the matches between the masters were taking place, the 25 teams from the five battle regions were also going to participate in the team matches. Each team had 50 elite soldiers and 20 substitute soldiers.

The rules between the master matches and team matches were similar. Each team would draw a number that represented them and a number that determined their opponent. The team that was last standing would win the title of Number One Kingdom. In order to install more fairness, soldiers and warriors who were above three-star weren’t allowed to participate.

Chambord’s team had 50 most powerful Saint Seiyas and 20 substituting Bylaw Officers.


“I didn’t expect myself to have such a bad luck. I didn’t expect to encounter your majesty in the first battle.”

Diego Milito who was from a level 2 affiliated kingdom in western battle region sighed as he stepped on No.1 Sword-Testing Stage.

When this tall and bulky swordsman knew his first opponent would be [Sky Covering Fist], he gave up the idea of winning. However, he didn’t surrender. After the first few days of competition, battling with the king of Chambord was the dream of a lot of warriors. Everyone knew that the king of Chambord doesn’t kill his opponents, and he would sometime point out his opponents’ areas of improvement so they could make progressions.

Fei smiled as he stood on the stage.

He had a good impression of this opponent who looked just and brave.

He recalled his opponent from the booklet that Paris gave him last night. This Diego Milito had a strong sense of justice, and he was simple and straightforward. His fighting style was also simple and straightforward. From what Matt Razi wrote in the booklet, it felt like this man had knightly virtues. Somehow, this man reminded Fei of the main character called Guo Jing in a Wuxia Novel called “The Legend of The Condor Heroes”; Guo Jing was not the smartest of a bunch, but he achieved greatness via hard work and doing the right things.

Fei would always go easy on such opponent and try to teach them a thing or two.

Soon, the blueish water curtain-like magic array lit up, and the first match of the day began with the announcement of the judge and the cheers of the audience.

“Please teach me a thing or two, your majesty.” Milito was very sincere, and his expression was very earnest.

“As you wish.” Fei smiled.

Blue sword energies dashed out of Milito’s sword like the waves in the ocean, and his first strike was completed in the blink of an eye.

Milito’s fighting style was really neutral and broad. His strikes were all standard without any creativity; they looked a little rigid. However, such rigid strikes were extremely powerful in the hands of a just person like Milito.

Too bad Milito was facing Fei.

Even an idiot knew that Milito was no match for the king of Chambord. The so-called match was a waste of time.

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