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Hail the King Chapter 308.2

Chapter 308: A Series of Events (Part Two)


A long silence.

Robbin didn’t say anything. His legs rooted into the ground, his back straightened, and the light green wind-elemental warrior energy flame started to burn. His low-tier five-star strength was utilized to the maximum, and he was about to advance to the level under Fei’s great pressure.

This was his decision.

He would rather die than kneeling down.

The flashing warrior energy gave off a solemn and stirring sensation. Both the people in the crowd and Robbin himself knew that he can’t even take one strike from the king of Chambord.

But it wasn’t about winning or losing at this moment.

This was about the dignity of a warrior.

Fei suddenly laughed: “You are no match for me. Think about it…… if you die here, who is going to take care of your ill father?”

Fei already knew all the detailed information about Robbin.

After hearing this, the flashing warrior energy flames around Robbin dimmed a little.

Like the sharpest dagger in the world, Fei’s words pierced the softest part of Robbin’s heart.

However, everything returned to normal in the next second.

“If I chose to kneel down, my father would never forgive me. In between death and dignity, both my father and I would choose the latter.”

Robbin’s words were decisive and firm like the iron.

“Great, just great. You are a real warrior, but too bad that a pearl like you was placed in the dust!” Just as everyone thought Robbin was going be killed, Fei suddenly sighed and continued: “A real warrior like you need a real king to serve. Don’t you think it is a waste for you to serve that idiot?”

Fei pointed at the flattering king of Tudor as he said that.

The king of Tudor’s face paled.

Robbin didn’t expect Fei to say such things. A thought lit up in his head like a light bulb. He felt unbelievable, and he didn’t know what to say.

Tens of thousands of people in the crowd all gasped at what Fei had said.

“That pig doesn’t deserve your loyalty, and I think Chambord is a better place for you. Aryang Robbin, I really admire an honorable warrior like you. How about joining Chambord?”

An earnest expression appeared on Fei’s face, and he continued as Robbin was dumbfounded: “Of course, I’m not pressuring you to make the decision today. Doesn’t matter what your decision is, I would want to have a friendship with a true warrior like you. You will always be welcomed as a guest at Chambord.”


The people in the crowd gasped and murmured to each other. No one anticipated such a dramatic change. Many grassroots warriors relaxed. The king of Chambord didn’t bully this warrior and didn’t disappoint them. The idol-like image in their minds didn’t collapse.

But soon, they held onto their breath again.

Would a manly warrior like Aryang Robbin sworn loyalty to the king of Chambord?

Many people were hoping for a happy ending. They all believed that only a powerful and just king like Fei deserved the service of a real warrior like Aryang Robbin. Since the dumb king of Tudor already cut off the connection between him and Robbin, Robbin was free to choose who he would serve.

“I, Aryang Robbin, swear my loyalty to my lord the King of Chambord! I would place your honor above my life until my death!……”

Under the stares of tens of thousands of people, Robbin single-kneeled on the ground and stated his oath. It was so clear and sincere that it felt like he was reciting a poem.

This wasn’t a hard decision.

The man standing in front of him was an unparalleled king, a king that deserved his loyalty.

“Hahaha, I accept your loyalty in front of the God of War……” Fei laughed as he responded to Robbin’s oath in a traditional way. Everyone knew that the king of Chambord viewed this grassroots warrior as someone important. At the last moment, Fei joked with the embarrassed king of Tudor: “Your majesty, thank you for giving me a true warrior. I appreciate your generosity!” He said.

The fat face of the king of Tudor was so red that it looked like a monkey’s butt.

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  1. Dlonelyman

    The people in the crowd gasped and murmured to each other. No one anticipated such a dramatic change.

    No one anticipated?!?! What its so obvious come on and you king why doing it now where are you all these time even those nobel can do better

  2. Xboxgorgo18

    Nah, it’s to be expected. In their minds if Chambord warriors were prideful then they woud think that their king is even more so. With this, they wouldn’t peg him for a sharp guy that would use his head rather than his attitude to act.

  3. showgunite

    One man’s trash, is abother man’s treasure.

  4. OG

    Like a monkey’s butt! Woot.

    Thanks for chapter. Happy weekend.

  5. agila0212

    Thank you for the chapter 🙂

  6. Bug

    lol most random Pokemon “get” moment ever is the king just gonna go around the continent collecting warriors?

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