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Hail the King Chapter 309.1

Chapter 309: A Dangerous Opponent (Part One)

Thunder-like applauses and cheers sounded around the stage.

Some of the traveling warriors were somehow touched by this. When they saw how Robbin, who was a powerful warrior, got pushed around by the fat idiot king of Tudor, they felt a sadness; they felt like they saw their own fates. They had the warrior strength, but they couldn’t get the proper social status. In order to survive, they had to dance between blades and step between life and death. However, the fat and lazy nobles who couldn’t even pick up a blade were able to enjoy everything. Many people sighed as they thought that life was unfair.

But after seeing Robbin getting admired by a powerful king like the king of Chambord, these warriors felt like they were validated by the king of Chambord as well. Even the lowest people had some dignities that they were willing to use their lives to protect. At this moment, the dignities in their hearts were indirectly honored by the king of Chambord.

The king of Chambord wasn’t just a normal king; he was a super powerful king who had a limitless future.

Only getting validated by such a man would make the low-level grassroots warriors who had to serve idiot-like nobles to survive feel touched.

“Aryang, go pack your belongings. Afterward, bring your father to my campsite to see me.” Fei patted Robbin’s shoulder before he turned around to the king of Tudor who was really embarrassed and didn’t know what to do. “You are now one of my generals. Let me know if anyone dares to mess with you.” Fei said that to Robbin, but everyone knew that he was saying that to the king of Tudor.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah…… Congratulations, Mr. Robbin. Wait, no…… General Robbin is now under the king of Chambord. I will prepare the carriages so you can get to Chambord’s campsite easier……” Although the king of Tudor was not a good king, he knew what he needed to do in a situation like this. He understood the threat in Fei’s word, so he quickly guaranteed to make Robbin’s trip smoother. The “dumbass” was now “General Robbin” in his mind, and his tone was very sincere.

Everyone knew that the warrior with the wind-elemental warrior energy was going to become someone important. A lot of people looked at Robbin with envious and jealous expressions. The king of Chambord was known for his shielding of the shortcomings and mistakes of his men. From now on, even the kings of level 1 affiliated kingdoms and normal nobles had to address Robbin by called him – General Robbin.

It was like winning a lottery.

“Thank you, your majesty. I swear loyalty to your majesty for the rest of my life.” Robbin couldn’t believe what had just happened. As if he was dreaming, the goddess of fortune reached out to him when he thought he was about to die.

Robbin was about to single-kneel on the ground again as he said that.

Fei laughed as he waved his hand. An invisible force held Robbin up before he kneeled down. Then, Fei held onto Inzagi and disappeared.

From Robbin’s perspective, he sensed an indefensible force around his knees, and he was propped up like an adult was propping up an infant. He felt the power of the king of Chambord again. When he looked up, he saw the king of Chambord walking away from the stage with other warriors from Chambord.

Robbin felt like he was still in a dream as he heard the cheers and applause.

“Gen…… General Robbin. Are you going back to pack your belongings? I already sent someone to notify your father. I’m sure he would be happy for you……”

A flattering voice sounded.

Robbin turned around and saw the fat king of Tudor carefully walking towards him. After seeing the flattering expression on the king’s face now and thinking back to the arrogant and mocking expression on this king’s face a moment ago, Robbin left the stage without saying a word back.



Inzagi was seriously injured.

Although the wounds were almost all recovered under the effect of the [Health Potion], he was depleted of spiritual energy and mental power from that battle. He had lost his conscious for the moment being, and the damage that was causing was more severe the injuries on his body.

After the initial inspection and treatments, Cech and Oleg carried Inzagi back to his tent to rest. The four orphans from Hot Spring Gate also followed Inzagi back to the tent anxiously.

Out of everyone from that tight family in Hot Spring Gate, only the five of them survived. They could only rely on each other for warmth, and they needed each other to avenge for their loved ones.

Fei and others stayed around the stages for other matches.

Everyone who Matt Razi stated was a powerful candidate for the number one warrior title in the booklet got Fei’s attention. Fei wasn’t worried about the future matches. Rather, Robbin’s incident gave him an idea. He realized that this was a great place to discover and recruit talent.

Chambord was too small of a kingdom, and it was hard to find many talents. The only talented warriors Chambord had were all created by Fei using his “golden finger”. If one wanted to survive on this continent ruled by the law of the jungle, he or she needed both individual strength and influence. Talented people were needed to expand the influence of a kingdom.

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