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Hail the King Chapter 309.2

Chapter 309: A Dangerous Opponent (Part Two)

In the last while, warriors of Chambord such as Cech and Lampard all received invitations and recruitment letters from all kinds of superpowers. This made Fei understand that this competition was a great opportunity to “rob“ talent from others.

Soon, the news about Chambord’s first loss got around the entire camp area. All of the noble families and superpowers heard the news as well.

Although it was only a small loss, it was really significant.

In all the stories told by the traveling poets, the king of Chambord and his warriors were painted into invincible legends. But after [Deadly Assassin of Shadow] lost the match today, the invincible legends of Chambord were cracked a little. People started to speculate about Chambord’s future.

Rumors were powerful. Everything seemed to have been flipped around.

“Did you hear that? Chambord lost a fight?”

“You heard about it too? Yeah…… after all, a level 6 affiliated kingdom doesn’t have too much accumulation. Maybe this loss is the prologue of the downfall of Chambord.”

“Hahaha, it is normal for them to lose. The so-called legend was created by men. Only the king of Chambord was a master warrior, and the rest of his warriors were all exaggerated. [Desperation Creator]?  [Destructive Finger]? Bullsh*t!”

“Did you know? The legends of Chambord are fake! I heard that the king of Chambord would threat the opponents of his warriors and force them to surrender to his warriors……”

Many people were talking about this. When Fei and his men walked around them, the people would close their mouths and stop talking. But when Fei and his men walked away, they would start talking and pointing at the Chambordians. Pierce and Drogba were extremely mad, but they couldn’t do anything to the bystanders.

Fei’s expression was really calm.

Although Inzagi’s lose had some negative effect, it wasn’t negative to this degree. If Fei was correct, there was a force or multiple forces behind all these rumors. The king didn’t want to waste time on investigating them. He was sure that they were from the same forces as the ones who tried to frame Chambord by using the treasures of Blood-Edge.

Fei watched most of the matches.

Huerk and Kanort from the Gudong Kingdom were really strong. Their weapons were sticks, and their techniques weren’t delicate. However, due to their pure impressive physical strength, their strikes were extremely powerful. Fei even suspected that they were level 50 Barbarians from Diablo World.

The both of them defeated their opponents using pure strength.

[Bloody Dual Blades] was still someone who was ruthless. After every battle, a new skeleton would appear on the stage. His lightning-fast blades technique didn’t just leave his opponents terrified; anyone who watched his matches all had nightmares. It was heard that more than a dozen people died because they were terrified by what they saw. This man was the cruelest one in this competition, and many people tried to disqualify him by reporting on him. However, he was acting within the rules of the competition, and fairness needed to be kept.

Many people hoped that this man would encounter more powerful warriors like [Sky Covering Fist], [One Sword], and [Goddess of Archery] so he would lose.

Fei didn’t watch every single battle, but he knew about the outcomes after hearing the chatters among the crowd. People like [One Sword], [Silver Armored Vicious Sword], and Princess Cindy all won their matches.

As time passed, most of the first-round battles were all completed.

“Look, [Goddess of Archery] Elena from Chambord is going to be on……”

“Ah? That beauty who won the previous three matches using only three arrows? She is a master from Chambord.”

“[Deadly Assassin of Shadow] already lost. I think [Goddess of Archery] is in danger!”

“Bullsh*t! [Goddess of Archery] is only a character painted by the king of Chambord. I’m sure that this woman would lose for sure…… Her opponent is one of the [Two Hiddens] who are just less powerful than [One Sword]; he is [Mad Hidden] Bowyer……”

“Ah? Bowyer? She sure is in danger……”

People started to murmur to each other. Chambord’s last battle in the first-round matches was about to take place on No. 1 Sword-Testing Stage. Beauty always attracted attention. Although a lot of people already guessed the outcome of this battle, they all wanted to see [Goddess of Archery]’s beauty.

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    Random hate is random I swear this is the most forced BS i’ve ever seen.

    • Deku

      It was already stated that it was forced basically. People even in real life are very easily influenced by the popular majority or influential figures. These rumors started somewhere and were purposefully spread far and wide to cast shade on the King Alex. I’m not at all surprised to see a bunch of idiots believing in dumb rumors.

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