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Hail the King Chapter 310.1

Chapter 310: He Was Here to Kill (Part One)

Fei and his men all moved to the No. 1 Sword-Testing Stage with the crowd.

The reason why this match was placed in No. 1 Sword-Testing Stage was that Elena’s opponent Bowyer was a famous warrior among the affiliated kingdoms. This level of warriors dealt a lot of damages, and the matches with them in it had to be placed in the most secured stage.

No. 1 Sword-Testing Stage was where Fei battled with the four Executive Knights. After the battle destroyed the stage, it was rebuilt and reinforced by even more powerful magic arrays. Currently, this stage had the most powerful defense array out there.

[Mad Hidden] Bowyer was wearing a light metal armor. He didn’t wear a helmet, and his messy yellow hair was fluttering in the air. He had tiny bead-like eyes, uneven lips, and a flat nose. Although he was a famous master warrior, he didn’t look like one. His body wasn’t big, and he had a bit of obscene sensation around him.

Bowyer was from the western battle region, and he was the prince of a level 1 affiliated kingdom. He made news when he lasted more than ten strikes under [One Sword]’s sword. Before Fei’s appearance, many people believed that Bowyer was the only person who could take the title of the number one warrior from [One Sword].

However, this man was famous for his arrogance as well. In addition to that, he loved money, women, and wines. It was heard that he loved women to a disgusting degree. One traveling poet said that any young women over the age of 18 in his kingdom all got stained by Bowyer. This disgusting prince even passed laws to make all the women give him their virginity before their weddings. If they did not, they would be charged with treason and their families would all be killed.

In that kingdom, numerous women’s lives got ruined, many lovers had to flee their homes, and many families had to live in pain and shame. But since Bowyer was the prince of the kingdom and a master warrior, no one could deal with him.

However, due to his bad fetishes, his strength didn’t increase much over the years. He was now really far behind [One Sword], and he was less famous now.

He rarely battled nowadays, and that was why he got the nickname [Mad Hidden].

Despite all of these, Bowyer was still a powerful warrior. His performance in the western battle region was impressive. He defeated six opponents in a row and got into the kingdom ranking matches easily.

Both Elena and Bowyer were now on the stage.

Elena was in her dark red magic armor; the mysterious gold decors on the armor looked like vines. Her wrists, elbows, shoulders, knees, and feet were also protected by protective components. Light red magic energy flowed around the shoulders of Elena, and her slender waist was exposed in the air. She looked like a Valkyrie, and her beauty made a lot of people swallow their drools.

The wind fluttered Elena’s red ponytail as well as the light blue hair band. She was standing on the stage quietly, and she had an unparalleled presence. She was just like a goddess.

As if all men were struck by lightning, some of them swallowed saliva, some of them bleed from their nose, and some of them lost the ability to speak as they all looked at Elena.

Bowyer who was standing on the other side of the stage started to breathe heavily; obscene lights flashed by in his tiny eye. He shouted in his mind: “This woman is mine! Mine! Damn, there is such a beautiful female warrior in this world? I will for sure strip her and see what kind of a body she is hiding…… I swear I will get her……”

Bowyer scanned Elena’s body repeatedly and especially focused on some body parts; he zapped his mouth as he did that, and everyone knew what he was thinking.

Elena frowned as she raised her arm. A battle bow appeared in her hand as if the bow had its own life.

At the same time, a cold murderous stare passed through the protective magic array and landed on Bowyer.

After feeling this deadly stare, Bowyer woke up from his fantasies. He turned around and saw a handsome young man staring at him as if he was a weak sheep that was waiting to be slaughtered. The coldness in this man’s eyes was enough to freeze him.

“Oh, I heard that this woman is from Chambord. The king of Chambord is known for his over-protectiveness…… It would be hard for me to get this beauty…… I need to take it slow…… Hehe, I’m not even scared of [One Sword]! Would I be scared of you?” Bowyer thought.

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