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Hail the King Chapter 311.1

Chapter 311: Ruthless King of Chambord (Part One)

“Alexander.” A bright smile appeared on Elena’s face. For a moment, people in the crowd felt like an iceberg had belted and revealed the flower inside of it. Everyone’s eyes lit up.

From the name that came out of [Goddess of Archery]’s mouth, people in the crowd who were confused knew that this young man was the legendary king of Chambord.

From the rumors that were going around, many of them knew that the king of Chambord showed rare generosity and kindness two hours ago and recruited Robbin who severely injured his disciple. “Is he going to display his kindness again here?” Some people thought.

“You are the king of Chambord?” [Mad Hidden] Bowyer who got half of his shoulder burned by the arrow of fire got up from the ground. He used his warrior energy to alleviate the pain as he asked. His tone was filled with suspicion and surprise as he carefully observed Fei. He was sure that the murderous stare he sensed earlier came from this man.

“You didn’t kill him because I told you guys to try not to kill anyone during this competition?” Fei didn’t even look at this so-called number two warrior among the affiliated kingdoms. He held onto Elena’s white hand and asked while thousands of people watched.

“Eh.” Elena nodded. She didn’t blush when Fei held her hand; she was used to this since Fei would do intimate things like this in Diablo World. Perhaps in this Valkyrie’s eyes, anyone who was not Fei was like a monster and demon in Diablo World. If Fei told her to not kill them, she will do what Fei said.

“You……” Bowyer was enraged; he was completely ignored. From the conversation of these two, it felt like he was a pig that could be slaughtered easily by them. He hadn’t been offended to this degree in a long time.

“Just kill these kinds of trash in the future.” Fei reminded Elena with a smile.

“Eh, I got it.” Elena nodded back.

“You……” [Mad Hidden] Bowyer was so mad that he couldn’t hold himself back. He would no longer watch the woman who he was obsessed with act so lovingly toward another man. The fire of jealousy burned in his heart, and his mind was filled with rage. “Although you are the king of Chambord, you can’t offend me like this. I’m the prince of level 1 Affiliated Kingdom, Gulo. Are you trying to start a war with Gulo?” He shouted in anger.

However, Fei still didn’t look at him. He smiled at Elena and said: “This time, I will kill him for you.”

As soon as he said that, he slowly moved his palm in Bowyer’s direction without looking at him.

This strike didn’t look powerful at all; there was no noise, no energy, and no light.

As the crowd was confused, a “bam” noise sounded. The “number two warrior among all affiliated kingdoms” and the man who could last ten strikes under [One Sword]’s sword didn’t get the chance to react. Like a watermelon that got struck by a huge hammer, his head exploded. Blood mist filled the air, and the headless corpse fell onto the ground after standing up straight a while.


Gasps sounded around the stage.

The temperature around the stage also decreased by more than a dozen degrees. Everyone shivered as if they were placed in a fridge, especially the ones who had an obscene expression on their faces when they looked at Elena. They knew why Bowyer was killed – He looked at this woman in the wrong way and said a few inappropriate things.

No expected the king of Chambord to be so moody. He struck Bowyer without hesitation, and the prince of a level 1 affiliated kingdom was killed like a fly.

Such a ruthless king!

“If the Gulo Kingdom wants an explanation, they can come to Chambord’s campsite to find me.”

Fei’s voice was still resonating around the stage, but he and Elena both disappeared after a red light flashed by. It was obvious that they both returned to the campsite.

The people in the crowd started to come back to their senses. They looked at each other and left while shaking their heads; they didn’t dare to say anything or comment on anything. The two events that took place told everyone that the king of Chambord can be kind and ruthless at the same time.

After summing everything up, there was this one golden rule – Don’t offend the king of Chambord, or you are dead.

Soon, the people around the stage left.

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    They finally recognize Mt. Tai 😀

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    Bow in the presence of greatness!

  3. Bug

    This is Chu Feng levels of stupid “you offend me so I kill you” and nothing will ever happen to Alexander because he was the thickest plot Armour known to man.

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  5. BellCross Wolfstein

    How come they are not shocked about fei killing him with just a wave of his hand? Seriously? That’s like impossible unless he’s 8 star and above right? They should be shouting about his possibility of being an 8 star master.

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