Chapter 311: Ruthless King of Chambord (Part Two)

No one noticed a magic carriage that was parked a distance away from the No. 1 Sword-Testing Stage. The carriage had the symbol of a two-headed polar bear on it; that was the symbol for the royal family of Zenit.

A pair of beautiful crystal eyes was closely watching everything that took place on the stage. When Fei held onto Elena’s hand, almost all of her attention was drawn. After the people around the stage left, the curtain on the carriage that was slightly open closed.

There seemed to be a light sigh.

Inside this fancy carriage, the atmosphere was a little dreary and strange despite the fragrance.

Elder Princess Tanasha looked at Angela who was sitting beside her with her blue ocean-like eyes. Although the beautiful girl beside her didn’t show any expression and looked calm, Tanasha seemed to have sensed the racing heart inside Angela’s body.

“Angela, Alexander didn’t……” Tanasha opened her mouth, but she quickly fell back to silence. She was really intelligent, but she didn’t know what to say at a moment like this; perhaps it was because she was never in a situation like this and didn’t know how it felt. However, for some reason, Tanasha also felt a little unpleasant and a little lonely.

“Sister Tanasha, are you trying to comfort me?” The beautiful girl suddenly smiled. No worries or concerns could be seen in her crystal-like eyes. “You don’t have to. I believe no one in this world knows him more than I do. I trust him, and I’m willing to accept everything about him.”

Angela’s words were so decisive and her eyes were so clear that Tanasha knew she wasn’t faking it. The wind blew by and lifted the curtain of the carriage. Golden sunlight shone onto Angela’s face through the decorations on the window, and Angela’s face gave off a mysterious glare. It was so pure and beautiful that even Tanasha was stunned.

After a moment, the carriage started to move towards Chambord’s direction.


When Angela returned, Fei finally relaxed his nerves.

The party at Tanasha’s palace last night was too intense. A lot of noble ladies came to the party uninvited when they heard that the queen of Chambord would be present; they all wanted to get to know this new influential force in Zenit. Angela wasn’t used to rejecting people, so she met and connected with a lot of people from other influential forces after Tanasha introduced her to everyone. However, she also drank a bit too much wine and was a little drunk.

Tanasha was worried that Angela might catch a cold on the way back to Chambord’s campsite, so she let Angela stay over for the night. It was already late and the gate of St. Petersburg was closed, so Tanasha didn’t send messages to Fei.

Since Tanasha treated Angela like her real sister and Fei’s “viciousness” was known by everyone, Angela was the star of the party and wasn’t bothered by anyone

After Tanasha explained everything to Fei, all of Fei’s questions were answered.

The Elder Princess didn’t need to lie, and Fei knew that the relationship he and Tanasha had was not bad. There was no reason for Tanasha to trick him.


With the appearance of the Elder Princess, Chambord got really busy again.

[Zenit’s Goddess of Intelligence] didn’t leave right away. She made a high-profile appearance as she walked around the campsite and chatted with a few Chambord soldiers patiently. She also stated that she would be staying for Chambord’s celebration party tonight.

Fei shook his head with a bitter smile on his face.

If he wasn’t wrong, someone had already reported everything to the Second Prince Dominguez.

The Elder Princess acted this way for Paris and Dominguez to see. Even if this won’t kill off the friendship Fei and they had, it might create a small crack in it.

When it was sunset, Aryang Robbin and his father arrived at Chambord’s campsite. Robbin only brought his blade, and he was carrying his father on his back. His father was white-haired and couldn’t walk. Fei greeted them and arranged a separate tent for them.

Robbin was a low-tier five-star warrior. His blade was fast, and his strength couldn’t be ignored. On top of all this, Fei really like his character.

Since Robbin just arrived and hadn’t contributed to Chambord, Fei didn’t give him a big title. Fei gave him the position of a small captain of Bylaw Enforcement Officers. Fei was planning to give him higher-up roles after he accumulated the merits. With Robbin’s strength, Fei knew that won’t be too long.

Fei also checked Robbin’s father’s illness. Robbin’s father’s legs got severely injured long time ago. The energy connections in his legs were damaged, and there was an unknown poison in his bloodstream. Some of the leg muscles already started to die, and he could no longer walk or take care of himself.

[Health Potion] couldn’t heal these kinds of old injuries.

Therefore, Fei switched to Paladin mode and used his aura to perform some basic healings. It was effective, but it couldn’t clear the poison and heal up the injuries immediately. He had to take it slow.

Robbin, on the other hand, was very thankful; he finally saw some hope that wasn’t there before.

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