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Hail the King Chapter 312.1

Chapter 312: The End of the Moro Practice (Part One)

After Fei arranged everything for Robbin and his father, it was already night time. The stars in the dark sky were like bright flowers.

After the first day of the kingdom ranking matches, only Inzagi lost his battle. All seven others advanced, and it was a good news. According to Chambord’s tradition, there would be a celebration.

Soon, campfires were lit up, and people started to sing and dance. The women from the [Golden Cave] appeared again.

This celebration attracted a lot of people’s attention. A lot of warriors and soldiers of other kingdoms stood outside of Chambord’s campsite and watched through the fence.

Elder Princess Tanasha made a high-profile appearance at the celebration with her bodyguard Ziene.

[Zenit’s Goddess of Intelligence] sat beside Angela and intimately chatted with both the king and the queen of Chambord. This scene beside the campfire was clearly witnessed by everyone. Through these people, the Elder Princess would get the message passed to “that person”.

After the celebration party was over, the Elder Princess still didn’t leave. Surprisingly, she chose to stay at Chambord’s campsite for the night.

Fei smiled as he shook his head.

It was already late at night, and even breathing would result in white “fogs”. People who were walking outside the warm tents would get frost on their hairs and beards. It was so cold that Fei felt like he was in the ice age.

This was Fei’s first winter on Azeroth Continent.

After he used his aura to heal Robbin’s father again, he switched to Assassin Mode and left Chambord’s campsite. He disappeared from the camp area and entered Moro Mountains.

Moro Mountains was completely white in the winter. Snow was on every tree branch, and all the trees looked like they were made from crystals. Under the moonlight, this crystalized forest felt like it should only exist in the legends if the terrifying roars of the demon beasts were muted.

The Fist Spiritual Spatial Seals of the two master warriors were still flowing around on the battlefield, but they were a lot weaker than half a month ago. Fei easily got passed the surrounding magic arrays and saw the mysterious man standing beside the Fist Spiritual Spatial Seals.

The man was standing as straight as a spear, and his brown robe was fluttering in the wind loudly.

The mysterious man’s eyes were as bright as stars, and there was a strange sensation looming around him. Fei couldn’t understand it; it was lonely, above-all, yet intimate. This mysterious man had a special character that made Fei completely trust him.

Fei was overjoyed when he saw the man.

The mysterious man didn’t say anything after Fei murmured that he wanted to see the scroll of [Dragon Fist] last night.

“Did he actually bring the scroll of [Dragon Fist]?” Fei thought to himself. Even just the thought of viewing the number one technique among hundreds of empires made Fei excited. Although his power was from Diablo World, the chance of checking out such a technique was still very rare.


The mysterious man flicked his wrist after seeing Fei, and a green light dashed at Fei. Fei lifted his hand and grabbed onto thin booklet. The texture was soft yet sturdy; it was really magical.

Fei couldn’t believe it!

“Could it be that this mysterious man actually brought the scroll of [Dragon Fist]?”

As Fei was about to open up the booklet, the mysterious man waved his hand and stopped Fei. After he carefully observed Fei, he slowly said: “Remember, humans harness power and energy in order to protect and guard the people and things that they love.”

Before Fei could react, the man continued: “I have nothing to teach you anymore.”

After he said that, a light whizzing sounded as a green light flashed by.

The man disappeared and was nowhere to be found.

This time, Fei caught a little of the mysterious man’s trace. The man was like a green meteor. The speed of the man was so fast that Fei felt like he was dreaming. In just a split second, the mysterious man almost already disappeared from the horizon.

“Left directly?”

Fei fell into a moment of silence. He understood what the man had said. Since there was nothing that the man can teach Fei, he won’t be meeting up with Fei here every night anymore. This strange yet valuable relationship Fei and this man had ended here.

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