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Hail the King Chapter 313.1

Chapter 313: Boost in Strength (Part One)

It was sunset in Diablo World.

The sun was as red as blood on the horizon.

The tall fences around the [Rogue Encampment] were like the defense walls of Chambord. They circled out a huge area for the people in Diablo World to live and protected them from the attacks of the demons and monsters. Still, the roars and screams of the demons and monsters outside the camp resonated in the sky.

Fei and Elena went to [Kurast Docks] through the portal and took on the next quest [The Blackened Temple]

This quest required Fei to go to [Travincal], the godly temples that had fallen to the side of the darkness, and kill the members of the High Council. After that, Fei would be able to find the Compelling Orb. By using the item [Khalim’s Will] that Fei got from the previous quest, he would be able to break the Compelling Orb and open the entrance to the [Durance of Hate]. That was the place where the final boss of the third map [Mephisto] resided

Since the portal to [Travincal] wasn’t activated, Fei and Elena had to walk. After they killing monsters along the way, they finally reached [Travincal] after two hours.

There were a lot of ancient temple structures.

Every single structure looked mysterious and magnificent. They were all made from huge blocks of stones, and delicate patterns and symbols were engraved all over the walls and pillars.

All the temples were built in a special pattern, and they conveyed an ancient sensation.

These were the places where the resident of Diablo World worshipped the gods. But after the long-term corrosion of the evil force, the original servants of gods had all fallen. They became monsters and demons, and the godly temples were enveloped in darkness and death energy.

As soon as Fei and Elena stepped on [Travincal], they were attacked aggressively by the monsters.

There were a lot of [Zakarum Zealots]. They were the guards of the temples who had lost consciousness, and the only thing that was on their minds was to kill. In addition, there were [Council Member] who were the fallen members of the temples’ council. Their bodies were covered in hard scales, and these scales were as sharp as knives.

Of course, the most powerful enemies in [Travincal] were [Ismail Vilehand], [Geleb Flamefinger], and [Toorc Icefist]. The three of them were originally executive council members, and they had fallen into boss-level monsters.

From Fei’s previous life’s gaming knowledge, these monsters were really powerful. When he was playing Diablo in his previous life, he would always die a few times and his mercenary would always die as well when he entered [Travincal].

With this knowledge, Fei was extra careful. As soon as he got into one temple, he used a [Town Portal Scroll] to create a portal. If things got ugly, he would carry Elena on his back and escape as fast as he could.

After seeing how careful Fei was, Elena also got her guards up.

But after 20 minutes, Elena’s cautiousness turned into a surprise.

A shocked yet thoughtful look also appeared on Fei’s face.

Who could have expected that the monsters Fei thought were huge threats didn’t cause any trouble at all?

The stressful and dangerous situation in Fei’s head didn’t take place. Rather, the process was really easy. Even if Fei didn’t do anything, Elena would be able to easily kill all the monsters. The three bosses that Fei was worried about were very weak. Elena used three of her arrows, and the three bosses died as their bodies were frozen into ice and got turned into clouds of ice dust.

This [Travincal] trip made Fei realized one thing that he neglected for a long time.

The increase in his own strength had surpassed the designed increase of a Barbarian in the Diablo World.

Due to his training in the real world, the increase of his strength had tilted the original balance of the Diablo World. The monsters that were threats to Fei before in the game were no longer threats to him anymore.

Especially after that mysterious man taught him the fundamentals of being a warrior, Fei was able to exert way more damage using the same techniques compared to before. Put it in another term, Fei’s level 65 Barbarian was way more powerful than a normal level 65 Barbarian in Diablo World.

The person who also broke the balance was Elena.

Compared to the dull mercenaries Fei had in the game, Elena was completely different. She was on a path of cultivation that Fei was never aware of.

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  1. agila0212

    Thank you for the chapter 🙂

  2. OG

    So we are now going to get “smart” enemies in the Diablo worlds…. Maybe the “gameplay” will change … I want the Diablo world to stay a part of the story.

  3. Jingga

    In the future Alexander earned a noble title “Special One” And Renamed Be “Jose Mourinho” hehehe

  4. Pedro

    How is he surprised everything is so easy? You’re suppose to be lvl 20-25 at that point in the game. He’s fking lvl 65…

    On one hand the author wants to use diablo mechanics and concepts, while on the other hand he has thrown those mechanics out LONG LONG LONG ago. I’d also like to see some progress in the diablo world. Why is everything besides the rogue encampment NPCs? The whole andarial thing for example was pretty interesting.

    • Joshua Brodhurst-Hill

      Pretty sure it was mentioned a while ago that the enemies were keeping up with his level. When he stepped into the new area the new demons were all suddenly strong enough to make him cautious etc.

      The only reason I can think of as to why it’s different is because it’s not Diablo 2, it’s the ‘world’ of Diablo.

  5. So then he would have to increase the difficulty? Diablo has Normal, nightmare and hell right? Something like that, I don’t think it was called “Normal, Hard, Hardest…”

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