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Hail the King Chapter 314.1

Chapter 314: Good News from the Battlefront (Part One)

Pierce and Drogba were surprised when they walked in; their smiles froze on their faces. It was obvious that they didn’t expect the king to show up here this early. The two of them quickly saluted at Fei and started to try their best to show their friendliness toward old Aryang. They also apologized afterward; they said that they shouldn’t be so cold and mean toward Robbin and his father yesterday.

Fei understood the situation now.

After Robbin served and took care of Inzagi last night, Inzagi finally woke up from his “sleep”. Robbin’s actions and earnestness touched Inzagi, Pierce, and Drogba. They started to have a conversation, and they realized that they were similar people.

Especially after hearing Robbin’s story about him being homeless before and traveling around the continent as well as his life in the Tudor Kingdom, the three Chambordians felt very empathetic toward him. They were all straightforward man, they had similar stories, and they soon became good friends who talked about everything with each other.

Out of the four, Robbin was the most powerful. He also had been to many empires and experienced many things. After they chatted and practiced a little, they soon started to address each other as brothers.

Fei was planning to create an opportunity for Robbin to get along with the Chambordians, but they solved it on their own. Now, Inzagi and the four other orphans from Hot Spring Gate were all friendly towards Robbin, and Pierce and Drogba who were the most loved warriors of Chambord were also now buddies with Robbin. Soon, Robbin would be accepted by all Chambordians.

Fei joked with Pierce and Drogba a little and walked out of the tent.

His eyes lit up as a dash of beauty appeared in front of him.

It was the future queen of Chambord, Angela. Like a goddess that was walking in the clouds, she was wearing a light blue leather dress as she walked up to the tent. The two maids behind her were carrying two brand-new leather armors. The two sets of armors looked delicate, and they were gifts that Angela made and prepared for Robbin and his father.

Robbin and his father didn’t expect to be treated this well by the beautiful goddess-like queen. They expressed their gratitude and thanked Fei and Angela again.

Outside the tent, the chilly wind blew.

The king and the future queen wandered along the river in the campsite while holding hands.

The river was still flowing; the surface of the river didn’t freeze up yet. Angela was in a good mood; she smiled and described to Fei the interesting things that happened at the Elder Princess’ party last night. Fei felt really calm. He was a great listener as he smiled and nodded along. The golden sunlight shone on them, and the scene looked as beautiful as ever.

Fei tightly held Angela’s soft hand as he felt unprecedently gentle.

Although he wasn’t sure if this pure beauty saw him holding Elena’s hand on the No. 1 Sword-Testing Stage, he knew that he had to explain what was going on between him and Elena to Angela. Fei wasn’t planning to hide that away from Angela, but he hadn’t had the chance. After all, he was facing huge pressure from that mysterious assassination, and he had to use most of his time on cultivation.

In front of Fei, the current that was fast sometimes created splashes with the river bank.

Fei was trying to tell his future queen about the story between him and Elena, but he would always hesitate a little before he spoke as he didn’t know where to begin. After some serious thoughts, he took a deep breath and was about to tell Angela everything.

Suddenly, thunder-like clip-clop noises sounded from the Moro Mountains. More than a dozen fast horses appeared and send a ton of dust and snow into the air.

“Good news! Good news! Good news from the battlefront!”

The cavaliers dashed through the camp area like sharp swords, and their shouts resonated in the area; everyone heard them clearly. This news immediately created waves as if a rock was dropped into a pond.

Many people were worried ever since [Zenit’s God of War] Arshavin led the battle legions to the southern regions. Now after one day, good news came. Although this was in line with a lot of people’s expectation, many people were still joyous after hearing it.

Like a magical potion, this good news calmed a lot of anxious minds in this chaotic time.

For a moment, everyone stopped whatever they were doing and looked up. The people in the camp area all watched as the cavaliers rushed into the south gate of St. Petersburg.

“Good news so soon? What level of success did Arshavin get? Did this ‘god of war’ defeat all of the invaders in just one day?”

Fei shook his head as he thought about it. It was not possible.

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