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Hail the King Chapter 314.2

Chapter 314: Good News from the Battlefront (Part Two)

The so-called good news was probably about the first win that Zenit got. After all, Spartax Empire had done a lot of preparation and sent 70,000 to 80,000 soldiers. Different from the small battles that Zenit and Spartax had, this was a full-on war! Even if Elder Prince Arshavin was born to be a great general, he couldn’t defeat Spartax Empire in just one day.

With this interruption, Fei no longer had the time to explain things to the beauty beside him. The deep and loud bugle sounded, and the second day of kingdom ranking matches was about to start.

Fei looked at Angela and knew that he couldn’t explain everything in a short moment. Therefore, he held onto his thoughts and returned to the central tent. He had to plan and strategize with the other six participants of Chambord.



The second day of the competition started, and the hype was real.

On the No. 8 Sword-Testing Stage, Fei encountered a low-tier five-star warrior with the earth-elemental warrior energy. This warrior was a noble from a level 1 affiliated kingdom in the eastern battle region. Although he had a lot of physical strength, he had a sketchy character. In Matt Razi’s booklet, the comments about him weren’t positive. Fei didn’t want to deal with people like this and ended the fight with one punch. That punch sent his opponent flying, and the opponent landed outside the stage.

The king of Chambord won easily with one strike.

Some of the people in the crowd just blinked their eyes and didn’t even see what had happened. They could only open their eyes wide and quickly ask the people around them how the king of Chambord won……

The other matches were a lot more exciting as they took more than just one strike to finish.

The other Chambord warriors performed well.

[Destructive Finger] Cech, [Goddess of Archery] Elena, and [Son of Wind] Torres only encountered opponents who were on the four-star level. They easily won their matches and moved on.

Pierce and Drogba were weaker than the previous three, and they also encountered more powerful opponents. After long battles, they all got injured. Close to the end of their battles, they had to summon their Star Saint Sets. By using the superior protection of the Star Saint Sets and the ultimate techniques of their constellations, they barely defeated their opponents and moved on as well.

The toughness and cruelness of the kingdom ranking matches started to show.

Of course, Pierce and Drogba weren’t the unluckiest. That person was Warden Oleg who loved to flatter people.

Perhaps he spent too much time around dead corpses and the death energy corroded his luck, this fatty encountered one of the [Fire and Wind Dual Warriors] of the Gudong Kingdom, [Burning Fire Staff] Huerk. In less than 10 strikes, Oleg got smashed in the waist by his opponent’s staff. He flew out of the stage and lose the qualification for the next round.

“Such a terrifying control of force.”

Fei rushed to the stage Oleg was competing on after hearing the news. After he examined Oleg’s injuries, he knew that Huerk went easy on Oleg. The strike that knocked Oleg off the stage didn’t damage his bones nor internal organs.

Of course, a part of the reason why the [Burning Fire Staff] didn’t do any real damage to Oleg was that Oleg’s fat on his body got turned into a meat armor by himself. Oleg was only dizzy after falling off the high stage.

After knowing the situation, Fei found it really funny. He kicked this flatterer’s butt as he joked with him. Then, he called over a dozen Bylaw Enforcement Officers of Chambord to lift Oleg back to Chambord’s campsite.

The second day of the competition finished after six hours. Through the cruel, bloody, and intense battles, the top 13 master warriors were determined.

In the second day of the competition, one participant was extremely lucky.

He was a prince named Andrew- Shevchenko from a level 2 affiliated kingdom in the southern battle region. Because there were 25 participants in today’s competition, one participant would move on automatically by luck. This prince got the lucky number and didn’t get an opponent. Although a lot of people didn’t think this prince was a qualified warrior in the top 13 list, they had to admit that sometimes lucky was a huge part of one’s strength.

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