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Hail the King Chapter 315.1

Chapter 315: Cruel Matches (Part One)

Compared with that prince, King Constantine of Byzantine who was also from the southern battle region wasn’t that lucky; he encountered Princess Cindy of the Bulan Kingdom. Although he got gifted [Seven Injures Fist] and the new wooden-elemental warrior energy training scroll from Fei, he was still no match to Princess Cindy. After taking three strikes from her, Constantine was knocked out of the stage.

It was fortunate that Princess Cindy was gentle and rarely injured people. Constantine ended his journey here in a good condition.

The master warrior who people felt the most empathic for was Robbin.

Because he ended his connection with the Tudor Kingdom yesterday, he couldn’t represent the Tudor Kingdom and was automatically disqualified.

This made a lot of grassroots warriors who were rooting for Robbin disappointed. A lot of older warriors and traveling poets said that Robbin with the low-tier five-star strength could get into the top 13 list and earn better titles and positions at the new legion that was about to be formed.

But after considering the fact that Robbin got the chance to serve the king of Chambord, perhaps he wasn’t unlucky at all.


The master warriors in the top 13 list didn’t surprise people.

As everyone expected, people like [Sky Covering Fist] the king of Chambord, [One Sword], Princess Cindy from the Bulan Kingdom, [Wind and Fire Dual Warriors] from the Gudong Kingdom, the [Silver Armored Vicious Sword] who was extremely arrogant, and [Bloody Duel Blade] who would turn his opponent into a skeleton in every match all made onto the list.

What was really shocking was that Chambord had six out of the 13 seats. This was the most seats a kingdom had since the creation of this competition. Although this was within expectation, it still made a lot of people afraid. Chambord’s growing speed was just way too fast; it was even faster than the most optimistic outlook people gave them.

As the kingdom ranking matches were getting most heated, the news that the cavaliers delivered to St. Petersburg this morning was released by the empire.

The first battle between the two empires happened when [Zenit’s God of War] Arshavin raided the camp of [Snow Armor Legion] at night. [Snow Armor Legion] was the first troop of Spartax Empire that invaded Zenit, and it was staying at the Haishi Bay Region of Zenit. On that night, 10,000 enemies were killed, including 300 Spartax nobles and more than 100 mages. The general of [Snow Armor Legion] Rudick who was known as the third most famous general and one of the top ten master warriors of Spartax was captured alive. He would be sent back to St. Petersburg in a few days.

Everyone at Zenit was hyped by the news.

Like a dash of lightning, this news got rid of the darkness that was on top of everyone’s head.

Even the nobles and officials who were keen on the method of negotiation and tried to keep everything peaceful became passionate citizens who promoted the method of battle and war. Many voices were shouting “counterattack”. Many people wanted to counter-invade Spartax Empire and conquer this evil and bloody enemy empire once for all.

Literally, almost everyone worshipped Elder Prince Arshavin. The younger people all promoted and praised Arshavin didn’t matter if they were from a poor or noble background. In comparison, Second Prince Dominguez looked more and more insignificant.

Everyone in St. Petersburg was calling for the counter-invade of Spartax Empire.

Before the sunset, a more shocking news came out of the capital.

The empire was going to draft soldiers for a counter-invade. Emperor Yassin who was ill to his bones personally ordered a conscription. The content of this order made of a lot of people excited. This time, Emperor Yassin was going to recruit 100,000 young men to form five brand-new legions and engage in a dead-or-alive war with Spartax Empire.

Conscription of 100,000 people!

This number shocked many people.

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