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Hail the King Chapter 315.2

Chapter 315: Cruel Matches (Part Two)

This was the biggest conscription in Zenit’s history. Even the most insensitive person could feel the deep murderous intent in this order.

This pretty much represented the prequel to the war that would only end when one empire ended. Everyone was talking among themselves. There were all kinds of rumors, but the one that many people think was the likeliest was that Emperor Yassin wanted to destroy Zenit’s mortal enemy Spartax Empire before he dies.

Everyone knew that Emperor Yassin was a heroic figure. The proudest thing he had done in his life was to destroy the former level 3 Spartax Empire using his strength and establish level 1 Empire Zenit. His dream in life was also to destroy the new Spartax Empire that was formed by the survived Spartax nobles and royals.

Too bad Emperor Yassin hadn’t realized this dream yet.

Heroes would age as well. Even though Emperor Yassin was talented and heroic, he was getting weaker by the day. It felt like he was finally going to gamble using his life’s work and try his best to realize his dream.

What fueled this rumor were the news that kept on coming from the battlefront in the south.

Ever since the first good news about the first win came to St. Petersburg, the good news kept on coming back to the capital non-stop. The thunder-like clip-clop noises and the “Good News” shouts never stopped; it sounded all day and all night.

Fei even started to suspect if Arshavin had already destroyed all the invaders in the southern regions of Zenit, and the massagers’ speed can’t catch up with the speed of victories Arshavin was having.

It wasn’t until the night of the second day that the frequency of appearance of the massagers slowed down.

On that night, lights were on throughout the camp area and St. Petersburg. Many people couldn’t sleep as they couldn’t comprehend what was happening. All of the stuff that had happened in a short time created a lot of uncertainty. Anxiousness was like a dark cloud that loomed above a lot of people’s head.

All the good news from the battlefront stimulated a lot of citizens. The third day of kingdom ranking matches got more than 100,000 audiences. When the morning sunlight shone on Moro Mountains, the south gate of St. Petersburg opened. People flooded out like the fast current of a river and occupied the area around the Sword-Testing Stages. They all waited for the top seven master warriors to be determined.

Although the situation changed a lot and Arshavin won over a lot of fans and gained a lot of merits, Dominguez still smiled and hosted the competition to fill in Emperor Yassin’s place.

As consecutive good news came from the battlefront, it made a lot of people in the capital interested in kingdom ranking matches that were at the latest stage. They were interested in bloody battles and powerful warriors as a dense battle-ready atmosphere appeared in the capital.

The 13 master warriors appeared in the center of the camp area. With everyone watching, they drew their opponents.

As time passed, the battles were finalized. On a magic screen, everything was shown.

The results of the draw were very interesting in the eyes of the audience.

“Hahaha, Chambord is going to have an internal battle?”

“Magic Princess Cindy is going to meet that sick man? She is in danger……”

“[Son of Wind] is facing that man? Looks like Chambord’s luck isn’t that good today!”

“So dramatic! The matches would be entertaining.”


People in the crowd murmured among themselves.


Fei wasn’t too lucky.

His opponent was [White Haired Fast Sword] Pierce.

This match would mean that one of Chambord warriors would end his journey here.

Of course, no one thought that the king of Chambord was going to lose to his subordinate.

“Your majesty, should I jump off the stage myself or should we act a little before I jump off?” Pierce asked in a joking tone.


Fei punched out.

The match began.

The result wasn’t too different from people’s expectation. After 10 strikes, Pierce got knocked out of the No. 1 Sword-Testing Stage. Fei obviously went easy on his subordinate. Otherwise, the man couldn’t even handle one strike.


[Black Haired Vicious Fist] Drogba wasn’t lucky as well.

His opponent was [Wind Thunder Staff] Kanort of the Gudong Kingdom.

Both of them were used to the upfront fighting style. Using the Star Saint Set, Drogba was able to defend against Kanort’s attacks. They both used at least 100 strikes, and snow, dust, and thunder noises filled the stage. The No. 4 Sword-Testing Stage almost got destroyed, and the audiences who were watching this shocking battle felt like their blood was boiling. They cheered on the two warriors loudly.

“Hahaha, take this! Take this punch from me!”

“Good, let me see if your fist is harder or my staff is harder.”

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

This was a battle between two real men.

There weren’t any fancy techniques; there were only directly collisions of strength!

Near the end of the battle, more than 10,000 audiences held onto their breath and stopped blinking as they waited for the final showdown.

The battle ended in loud colliding noises. Drogba was a little weaker and didn’t successfully defend against Kanort’s ultimate technique [ Wind and Thunder Strike]. Blood spurted out of Drogba’s mouth and his internal organs even moved locations. He directly fainted on the stage.

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