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Hail the King Chapter 316.1

Chapter 316: Cruel Battle (Part One)     

Even though Drogba was defeated, he showed his iron will. Despite the fact that he fainted, his body was reluctant to fall down. This heroic and tragic scene moved a lot of audiences.

His opponent [Wind Thunder Staff] Kanort didn’t have an easy fight as well; fists marks were all over his body. His metal armor and leather inner-armor were all cracked by Drogba’s fists, and the staff that was made from hard metal was twisted into the shape of a licorice candy. He was staggering on stage as blood flowed out of his nose, mouth, and ears.

Kanort was more powerful than Drogba, but he decided to use this upfront fighting style to respect Drogba and got injured pretty severely.

Both of them were real warriors.


On the No.6 Sword-Testing Stage.

Elena who was very popular already made all her fans scream.

Her opponent was the other [Fire and Wind Dual Warriors] – [Burning Fire Staff] Huerk.

Many traveling poets stated that this strong opponent who defeated Oleg yesterday was capable of making it into the top-7 list. However, under the arrows of Elena, he lost in less than 20 strikes. Elena used one of her arrows to pierce through both Huerk’s metal staff and his left shoulder. Huerk knew that he wasn’t able to defeat Elena and backed out of the stage.

“Such terrifying damage. [Burning Fire Staff ] Huerk isn’t even her match?”

“Huh, [Goddess of Archery] had pierced through the water curtain-like magic array around the stage using her arrows! She is at least a seven-star warrior! How can Huerk win against that?”


Not far from this stage, [Destructive Finger] Cech encountered the most arrogant and most high-profile contestant, [Silver Armored Vicious Sword].

This match was the weirdest out of the matches today. Both parties had similar strength, and the match was dead even with no one getting the upper-hand in the first 40 minutes.

However, the silver armor on [Silver Armored Vicious Sword]’s body suddenly shone at the 41st minute. Dashes of silver light appeared on his body in a strange pattern, and the lights caused pain for audiences who were looking right at them. After a split second, the silver lights disappeared, and Cech fell onto the stage; no one knew if he was dead or alive……

Like an idiot, [Silver Armored Vicious Sword] placed his hands around his waist and laughed arrogantly. “[One Sword] and the king of Chambord both can’t defeat me!” He claimed.

“Who can tell me how that arrogant b-----d won that?”

“What were those silver lights?”

“[Destructive Finger] lost right after the silver lights flashed by……”

People in the audience started to murmur among themselves. After the judge announced the formal results, a few Bylaw Officers of Chambord rushed onto the stage. They stared at [Silver Armored Vicious Sword], who was still laughing like an idiot, angrily as they carried Cech back to Chambord’s campsite.


On the No.10 Sword-Testing Stage.

This was a battle that everyone knew who the winner would be. However, a lot of people were still concerned about it.

[Son of Wind] Fernando-Torres who had a lot of female fans was facing off the most powerful opponent yet – [One Sword].

The battle was not too different from people’s speculations.

Torres had no chance of winning while facing [One Sword] who was known for using only one strike. A dash of sword energy rushed out of [One Sword]’s rusty sword. It turned more than a dozen flying arrows into specks of iron dust, and ut turned the magic item [Eagle Bow] in Torres’ hand into halves. If the blonde young man wasn’t wearing the Star Saint Set, his body would be cut in half as well.

His name was [One Sword]; therefore, he won’t strike again.

It was because of this strange rule [One Sword] upheld that allowed Torres to survive. Otherwise, Torres who was already severely injured would be easily killed if [One Sword] struck again.

However, what took place was a little different from what everyone had guessed.

[One Sword] was a little different than usual; he had a strong murderous intent when he struck out the first time, and it was very different from the chill temperament he had in previous matches. It was obvious that he tried to kill Torres, and he didn’t expect Torres to have such a magical armor that was able to cancel out his unparalleled sword energy.

After he dealt the first strike, he actually even hesitated a little as he really wanted to strike again. In the end, he held back and allowed [Son of Wind] Torres to live.

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