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Hail the King Chapter 317.1

Chapter 317: Skeleton (Part One)

Just like how Fei predicted, [Bloody Dual Blades] could no longer keep his terrifying attacks up after another hour. He was forced to stop for a split second.

At this moment, the Magic Princess who had her eyes closed for a long time made her move. After meditating for so long, she cast the powerful spell [Ice Blade-Storm]. Instantly, the ice magic sphere around her beautiful body shattered and got turned into numerous pieces of ice blades. These ice blades instantly covered [Bloody Dual Blades].

The complete turn of defense to offense was magical, and the ice storm created by Princess Cindy looked beautiful.

[Bloody Dual Blades]’s defense was nowhere near his level of offense. Under the attack of the magic spell that the Magic Princess prepared for a long time, he didn’t even last ten seconds.

His defense got broke, and numerous sharp ice blades screamed as they pierced into his body. A cloud of blood mist appeared on the stage, and bone crackling noises also sounded. After a while, all the flying ice blades disappeared as if they evaporated into thin air. The two strangely-shaped blades made a noise as they landed on the ground. Other than the two blades, the only thing that the audience could see was a perfect white skeleton!

[Bloody Dual Blades] got sliced and diced by the ice blades, and all of his flesh got removed from his bones. After everything was done, the skeleton was the only thing that was left.

It was how he liked to kill his opponents.

No one expected that the bloody warrior would die under the same torturous method that he used. Could this be the punishment from gods for being so cruel?

Also, no one expected that calm and graceful Magic Princess Cindy could have this cold and cruel side to her. Everyone knew that the Magic Princess deliberately chose this method to torture her opponent.

It was obvious that this beautiful princess was very angry at the [Bloody Dual Blades] for his merciless cruel killings.

After the judge announced the formal results, a huge pair of wings made from wind magic elements appeared behind this Magic Princess. Like a real goddess, the wings fluttered as she disappeared from the stage. After she was gone, everyone in the crowd woke up from the shock. A lot of people started to cry, cheer, chant Princess Cindy’s name; a lot of people’s loved ones had died in the hands of [Bloody Dual Blades], and a lot of people hated him……

People who were in the top-7 list such as [Wind Thunder Staff], [Silver Armored Vicious Sword], and [Lucky Prince] Shevchenko left the crowd with seriousness written all over their faces. Princess Cindy did indeed bring them a lot of pressure. As the crowd started to break off, some people rubbed their eyes to make sure that they weren’t hallucinating…… they saw a figure how looked like [One Sword] …… same loneliness…… same proudness.

Could it be that the calm and invincible [One Sword] also sensed some pressure from his competitors? He had never paid attention to any of his potential opponents before……


After returning to Chambord’s campsite, Fei turned into a professional doctor and started treating the Chambordians who got injured during the competition.

Drogba was completely knocked out by [Wind Thunder Staff] Kanort. Although he had the protection of his Star Saint Set, he wasn’t powerful enough to utilize all of the functionalities of it. His internal organs all shifted out of their places due to the huge impact force, and his bones and muscles were being damaged by Kanort’s wind and thunder energy that contained in the [Wind and Thunder Strike]. Fei used the [Health Potion] to heal the bodily injuries and the aura of his Paladin Character to get rid of the wind and thunder energy. In terms of the dislocation of Drogba’s internal organs, he had to take time to let his body slowly recover on its own.

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    I thought it was from respect to “skeleton” that guy. If it was my signature and I was as narsisistic I would want to die by my signature……

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