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Hail the King Chapter 317.2

Chapter 317: Skeleton (Part Two)

Cech’s injury was very special. There weren’t any clear wounds on his body; it felt like he was either poisoned or he was in a deep sleep. He was in a deep level of unconsciousness that no one could wake him up. After Fei did a lot of checks, he couldn’t make any new discoveries. It was fortunate that all Cech’s bodily organs were functioning properly and there weren’t immediate dangers. Fei had to take it slow.

Fernando-Torres was the one who got most injured.

[One Sword]’s strike easily chopped his weapon in half. If it wasn’t for the Star Saint Set, he would have died on the stage. However, the injuries caused by the sword energy could be easily healed by the aura of Fei’s Paladin Character. After Fei got rid of the sword energy inside Torres’ body and gave Torres a bottle of [Health Potion] to drink, the young guard of Fei was able to walk around. Torres would be able to completely recover with some light rest.

After he was done treating Torres, Fei’s expression got very gloomy.

He could tell that [One Sword] wanted to kill Torres on the spot by just examining Torres’ injuries. However, Fei didn’t understand why [One Sword] would do this…… there weren’t any real grudges between Chambord and [One Sword], so why was [One Sword] being so cruel? Could it be that [One Sword] was actually a short-tempered person who can’t even endure being compared to the king of Chambord?

Fei realized that he knew too little about [One Sword].


The results of today’s matches weren’t good for Chambord. Out of the warriors of Chambord who made into the top-13 list, most of them lost. Except for Fei and Elena, all other Chambord warriors lost on the stage. Although it was a setback for Chambord, Fei wasn’t too disappointed.

This was, in fact, within his expectations.

Except for Elena who continued to level up and cultivate with the similar speed as him, the other master warriors of Chambord were all boosted by the [Hulk Potion]. Although their talent for cultivation did improve, they only had limited time to practice and train. In less than half a year, they made some real progress. But compared with the master warriors who were naturally talented and had years of training, they were all too weak.

For Chambord who was a weak and crappy level 6 affiliated kingdom to make it thus far in the competition, it was already a great achievement. It was already enough to shock the whole empire with a result like this.

The warriors of Chambord had done their parts, and it won’t affect the situation too much with them out of the competition.

To be honest, Fei was hoping for them to lose and get out of the competition at this time. The battles between the top 7 masters would get more fierce and dangerous. Masters like [One Sword], [Silver Armored Vicious Sword], and Princess Cindy were all too powerful. Warriors like Drogba couldn’t win at all, and getting knocked out here would only help Chambord reduce its casualties.

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  1. Wkwkland

    Can’t wait for more chapters!!!

  2. Ufufuman

    Finally! After a long time I can post comment in this site again! And be the first one too for this chapter. Fufufu

  3. Wkwkland

    Finally! After a long time I can post comment in this site again! And be the first one too for this chapter. Fufufu

  4. Weed

    Thanks for the chapter, anyone have any idea why One sword is pissed, beside the basic?

    • Eksentrysyti

      Don’t know, but he’s now a certified douche. He’s too cocky for his own good anyway, and he doesn’t even bother maintaining his weapon. A real master takes good care of his tools. It’s time for him to retire. Permanently.

    • SaDDisT

      The only thing that I can progress is that he like Tanasha, or he is selfish genius type.

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