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Hail the King Chapter 318.1

Chapter 318: [God’s Favorite Child]’s Night Visit (Part One)

The golden sunlight soon disappeared on the horizon, and the golden waves in the river also lost their color as the sun went down.

Before mid-night, Fei went into the tents of his men and checked up on them. After more than half a day of rest, Drogba and Torres almost completely recovered. After all, Fei used both [Health Potion] and his aura to treat them.

Fei didn’t use [Health Potion] and his aura this time; rather, he let their bodies to self-recover the last bit of injuries.

However, Cech was still in the weird condition. He was breathing normally, and his heart was pumping normally as well. Fei still couldn’t wake him up or make any new discoveries.

“Looks like I need to get some more experienced doctors to come and check this out. Or, I can wait until this competition is over and go find that [Silver Armored Vicious Sword] myself to figure out what is going.”

Fei told others to take care of Cech, and he then let Pierce and Drogba to temporarily take over the military control of Chambord’s campsite.

When it was mid-night, Fei switched to Assassin Mode. After he inspected the campsite in secrecy, he disappeared into the Moro Mountains. In less than ten minutes, he appeared in the [Huge Pit Battlefield] that was on the outer layer of Moro Mountains. Many days had passed, but all the magic arrays still tightly protected this battlefield earnestly as powerful magic energy flowed inside of them; it felt like they were trying to trap this battlefield inside.

Although he knew that the mysterious man wasn’t going to come anymore and the magic arrays won’t help him in terms of training the spiritual power, he still wanted to come here and see it again habitually.

On top of that, there was another important reason; he was here to erase all of the traces of him. For some reason, he felt like this was the only way to erase some kind of danger at an early stage.

After one hour, Fei finally erased all of his own traces carefully. The only things that could be found on the battlefield were the Fist Spiritual Spatial Seals and auras of that mysterious man and that mysterious assassin.

Standing on a hill that was outside the battlefield, Fei looked across the mountains as the wind fluttered his hair. Fei thought about that father-like and teacher-like mysterious man; he knew he wasn’t going to come anymore. After he took another glance at the battlefield, he dashed off the mountains and went back to Chambord’s campsite.

Perhaps he would never come here again.


“Your majesty, you are finally back!” Oleg who was patrolling around with the soldiers of Chambord ran over to Fei after he saw him. This fatty looked very anxious, and there was obviously some urgent matter that came up.

“Who came?” Fei saw a delicate magic carriage that was emitting a silver light parked inside Chambord’s campsite. There were about 60 cavaliers in silver armors and black capes guarding around the carriage; a red cross could be clearly seen on their chest plates. Fei was confused: “They are from the Church?”

“Yeah, Your Majesty. Big characters! [God’s Favorite Child] Mr. Kaka as well as the accompanying Red-Robe Priest Balesi. They have been waiting for you for a while now.”

Oleg was obviously afraid of the people from the Holy Church. After he saw the king’s return, he quickly ran over and whispered into Fei’s ear.

Shortly after Fei left the campsite, Mr. Kaka, Priest Balesi, and another accompanying priest from St. Petersburg came. They said that they were here to see the king of Chambord. Since Fei wasn’t here, they had been waiting in a tent for more than an hour.

Fei nodded and didn’t really show any weird expressions. Although he calmly asked Oleg to go and report his arrival, he was actually very shocked.

For some reason, [God’s Favorite Child] Mr. Kaka was always interested in him. He sent Fei invitations when Fei fought with the four Executive Knights, and he invited Fei again when Priest Balesi went to the headquarter of Blood-Edge. If anyone else was treated like this by the Holy Church, they would have accepted the invitation and went over as fast as they can. However, Fei tried his best to avoid it; he still hadn’t paid a visit to [God’s Favorite Child] Mr. Kaka who was from the Holy Mountain and was just passing by St. Petersburg.

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