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Hail the King Chapter 319.1

Chapter 319: The Tense Atmosphere (Part One)

“King Alexander, we have finally met.” Kaka’s magnetic voice sounded. Mixed with his handsome appearance, he was showing a very special charm.

“Your Highness, it is an honor to finally meet you…..” Fei quickly walked up and started to chat with this handsome Kaka. With an earnest smile on his face, Fei apologized for not being able to visit Kaka earlier. In his words, he was really busy with administrative duties.

As he explained himself, he tried to inspect how powerful this Kaka was. However, Fei wasn’t able to detect anything. It felt like this young man was just like an ordinary civilian, but Fei knew that it was because this [God’s Favorite Child] was too powerful for him to see through.

Although Kaka’s identity was really noble, he treated people with fairness and gentleness; it seemed like he didn’t mind Fei’s previous declines to his invitations. After everyone had sat down accordingly, Kaka smiled and said: “I have always heard that the king of Chambord is heroic and generous. You had established the Three-Sector Six-Department structure as well as the Law of the Twelve Tables. You managed to turn a weak and dying Chambord into a prosperous level 1 affiliated kingdom; it is miracle work! In addition to that, you have shown your unparalleled strength in this competition and gained a lot of fans. I always wanted to meet you in person, and that was why I tried to invite you over several times. However, I forgot that Your Majesty has been busy coordinating all the matches. It was my fault, and I apologize for causing troubles for you.”

Didn’t matter if he meant it or not, what Kaka said made Fei feel very comfortable.

From what Kaka had said, it seemed like this [God’s Favorite Child] had done his research. He knew exactly what happened at Chambord to details.

Soon, Kaka continued with the smile: “Tomorrow is a very important day in the competition, and I shouldn’t be here bothering you. However, I’m leaving St. Petersburg tonight, and I really want to chat with you before I leave. That is why I came here at this time of the day, and I hope that you won’t get mad at me.”

“You are being too humble, Your Highness. It is my honor to have you here.” Kaka’s image was getting better and better in Fei’s mind.

In the rumors that Fei heard from other nobles in St, Petersburg, this [God’s Favorite Child] Kaka who was from the Holy Mountain was very mysterious and never showed himself in public. In the last two weeks, only Emperor Yassin and the Bishop of the Holy Church who looked over Zenit Region met him. All other people didn’t even get the chance of seeing him from afar let alone meeting him…… “Why is such a person so humble and polite in front of me?” Fei thought.

Although Fei had a lot of questions, his impression of this [God’s Favorite Child] was very good. Kaka was very humble and gentle like a warm jade. “Gentlemen are like jades,” Fei recalled an old saying and thought that it perfectly described Kaka.

For a moment, Fei and Kaka were having a great conversation. All other people including Priest Balesi were listening and didn’t interrupt.

Surprisingly, Fei found that Kaka’s thoughts and beliefs were very similar to his. He felt like he found the perfect confidant.

Ever since Fei arrived on this Azeroth Continent, he was forced to change and adapt to the worldly view and morals of this world. However, since the traditions here were very different than the traditions in his previous life, Fei couldn’t really talk about the beliefs and ideologies he had with people on Azeroth Continent or people in Diablo World. But today, a lot of what Kaka had talked about reflected beliefs that were very similar to Fei’s. Closer to the end of their conversation, they were having so much fun that excitement showed on their faces.

Fei was so thrilled that he waved his hands, moved a heavy stone table, and positioned it in front of him and Kaka. Like two great friends, they started drinking and chatting even more. Because time flew when they were having fun, they already downed four big bottles of top-quality wine that Elder Princess gave Fei as a present.

This scene purely demonstrated what it meant by “Drinking thousands of cups of wine is too little when you have a real confidant.” (Old Chinese saying)

The warriors of Chambord all looked at each other in surprise. They had never seen the king act this way before. It was the first time that the king was having so much fun chatting with an outsider. Priest Balesi, as well as other priests and cavaliers, were surprised as well. If they didn’t see it with their own eyes, they won’t believe that the humble, gentle, and haughty Mr. Kaka would show this side of him to someone who he just met; especially when that person’s identity was only a little king of an affiliated kingdom – of course, among the people from the Holy Church, Balesi knew a little about Fei’s other identity.

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