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Hail the King Chapter 32

Chapter 32: The Early Christmas Presents

Although the power of 【Howl】 was significantly reduced by the time it reached the bottom of the defensive wall, it was enough to affect the average horses. The horses started to neigh in terror, and they lost their strength and fell to the ground, defecating everywhere.

This took the three black knights by surprise, and they quickly jumped off of their horses.

“You f-----g……”

No matter how hard they whipped the horses, these well-trained battle horses seemed as if they were possessed; they wailed about but couldn’t get up.

“Ohohohoho, look! They pissed themselves, haha!”

“F--k off, Bastards! Bring your weapons next time!”

“You want us to surrender? You must be dreaming! Taste my axe!”

“Chambord will not be conquered by you low lives! We will teach you a memorable life lesson……”

“Hahaha, you scared? Go cry to your mom!”


After seeing that, the soldiers of Chambord burst into laughter. Some soldiers started mocking them, and some even took out their dongs and started peeing on the knights under the defensive wall……

“Tink, tink, tink – “

Some soldiers started tapping their weapons. The mighty and powerful metal sounds in addition to what Lampard and Fei did got rid of all the fear in everyone’s mind. Even the most timid soldiers were excited for battle and wanted to kill a few enemies.


Far away, on the other side of the Zuli river.

Seeing what had happened from far, even the silver masked knight who appeared calm and relaxed became extremely angry.

He was trying to use this negotiation to tear apart the unity within Chambord and create conflict within to dismantle their morale. Even if Chambord didn’t surrender, Chambord’s defensive ability would fall to an all-time low and it would be way easier for him to conquer the kingdom.


He didn’t expect things to turn out like this.

The rage and stupid behaviour of [One] had broken the unwritten rules of negotiation on the battlefield and gave Chambord a proper reason to attack [One]. [One] didn’t just lose his life, but also gave Chambord a chance to stimulate their own morale and stomp on the enemy’s morale.


The silver masked knight couldn’t help but swear. He didn’t know why, but he felt the operation of sieging Chambord Castle wasn’t going to be as easy as he thought.

“Master, please allow me to kill that arrogant three star warrior!”

Landes felt it was a great opportunity for him to redeem himself. He stepped up and requested. Some of the other black knights were getting impatient too.

As witnessing their own being killed one by one by the Chambord soldiers, they felt their pride as the silver masked knight’s henchmen being challenged. They expressed their wish of sieging right away and executing everyone in Chambord.

But –

The silver masked knight held his horsewhip tightly in his hands. The joints on his fingers were turning white because he was applying a lot of force; he was trying to endure the rage in his mind.

After thinking for a moment, he waved at his subordinates and surprisingly stopped them. He said with a deep voice, “Follow my command. Stop the siege right now. We will start attacking after lunch!”

Landes and the black knights were surprised; they didn’t expect such a command.

“Those low lives are at the peak of their morale; if we siege right now, we will fall into that retarded king’s trick……” The silver masked knight pointed at Chambord with his horsewhip, and said calmly, “After lunch when their morale dies down, it will be our best opportunity to siege. Put all the siege ladders and machines into battle when it begins. I want this sinful castle to be conquered within half an hour! We will execute them for three days following it to seek the revenge for my warriors!”

His calm voice turned into a roar when he was finished. He turned his horse around and headed back to the base.



On the defensive wall.

After three minutes, Fei and Brook looked at each other.

Everyone on the defensive wall thought that after Lampard had killed the black knight, the enemies would be angered and would start attacking aggressively right away. All of the soldiers were ready for that……

Who knew that three minutes had passed by and the aggressive attacks hadn’t come? The enemies’ formation were still the same, occupying the whole bridge. They didn’t move at all and just stayed out of the archers’ range.

“Damn, what’s going on?”

Fei was confused. He even thought that the enemy commander’s head had been kicked by a donkey, so he couldn’t think straight. However, it was more likely that he was playing another trick.

Brook was thinking hard beside Fei as well. He felt that the enemy commander’s intentions were hard to estimate. Although the storm-like siege they expected didn’t occur, a bigger and more rapid storm was developing in this short-lived peace.

As the general commander appointed by King Alexander, Brook felt he had a lot of responsibilities, so he had to quickly understand the enemy’s intentions.

After thinking for a while, Brook looked at the mountains surrounding the kingdom.

To make sure that the enemies were not attacking from the sides, Brook commanded a couple of smart soldiers to check from the peak of the three mountains, just in case the enemies sent star ranked warriors to climb on the mountain to siege from the sides.

Fifteen more minutes passed by.

As time passed by, the atmosphere on the defensive wall changed.

Fei suddenly found out that some soldiers’ spirits started to relax. The grips on the weapons loosened and their stares were losing focus. If the previous condition of the soldiers was like a bow that was pulled to the max, they were now a bow that was not pulled at all.

The situation wasn’t good. The morale that Fei raised with a lot of effort was slowly depleting due to the enemy’s strange behaviour.

“S--t! Could this be the strategy of the enemy commander? If it is……”

Fei was nervous.

“If this is their plan, then we are in a lot of trouble.”

This revealed a lot of information. “The clearest point is that the enemy commander is way smarter and stronger than I expected. He can control himself and grasp people’s mind really well……” Morale was an interesting thing. If commanders used it to their advantage, it would literally determine the outcome of a battle.

“What should we do?”

After getting a grasp of the enemy’s intention, Fei couldn’t find a good counter-strategy.

It was obvious that the enemy commander played a dirty trick. Although his intention was discovered, the only way for Chambord to use the high morale to their advantage was to initiate the battle. However, for Chambord who had limited military power, giving up their terrain advantage to initiate the battle was like seeking their own death.

But if this continued and every soldier was continuously alert, they would have a breakdown under such pressure sooner or later.

After thinking for a moment, Fei called Brook aside and ordered him to divide the soldier into two groups. When the enemies were not sieging, one group would be guarding and observing the enemy’s actions and one group would be resting. They would rotate every twenty minutes to make sure every soldier‘s physical and mental strength was at a standard level……

This was the best plan Fei could come up with. After another twenty minutes, the sun had already risen up to the middle of the sky.

The sunlight was heating up. Thick armour, heavy weapons and the mental pressure from facing numerous enemies made the soldiers sweat.

Fei stood on the defensive wall and observed the enemies even more, but he felt like they still didn’t want to attack at all. He thought about it and decided to not wait like this.

Every minute and every second was precious to him. He had to enter the Diablo World as soon as possible to level up and increase his strength. It was way better than waiting like this.

He turned around and returned to the watchtower on the defensive wall. He let Pierce who was carrying the [King’s Sword] guard the entrance. Fei himself sat on a stone and closed his eyes. He concentrated as he tried to communicate with the cold, mysterious voice.

He got a quick response –

“Sufficient mental strength……Scanning soul wave…… confirmed……Entering Diablo world in 3……2……1……Ding, entering!”



Fei chose the barbarian character again this time.

He appeared on the burial grounds on 【Cold Plains】.

The corpse of 【Blood Raven】 lied in front of him. Gold coins and items surrounded him. However, there was no time for him to pick them up; because he re-entered the world, the monsters on the burial ground had refreshed. Numerous 【Corrupt Rogues】 and 【Fallen Shamans】 started to attack as they saw someone appeared in their territory.

Another round of battle had begun. With some effort, Fei swept the monsters at the burial ground again. He finally had time to pick up the items and coins.

When he reached for the three blue magic items under 【Blood Raven】’s corpse, he moved the corpse a little bit. He suddenly saw some yellow light.

“Could it be……” Fei was excited because it was the color of rare items.

His hand shivered as he moved 【Blood Raven】’s corpse aside.

There were more than one rare item!

“Damn, I must’ve been good this year so Santa gave me some early Christmas presents!”

There were three rare yellow items. There was a shield that had black hooks on it, an oddly-shaped sword and a delicate bronze glove.

All three items were not identified, so Fei didn’t know what their actual capacities were.

After seeing the three yellow items, Fei didn’t care about the blue items anymore and threw them all into his 【Item Slot】.

After he collected all the gold coins on the ground, he opened up his 【Character Status】.


Rank Item Type Item Color
Lowest Normal Items White
Magic Items Blue
Rare Items Yellow
Set Items Green
Highest Unique Items Gold

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