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Hail the King Chapter 320.1

Chapter 320: Purest Soul (Part One)   

The cavaliers inside the tent were all loyal to the gods. They had all sworn to give everything to the gods, and their willpower were all strong and firm. Despite all that, they had to move their eyes away after looking at Angela for a few seconds; they were afraid that their loyalty towards the gods will crumble if they looked at the girl for too long.

However, Balesi with the white hair and white beard acted in a surprising manner.

Ever since Angela walked in, this priest who was in his fifties stared at her directly. Different from the cavaliers who quickly looked away, Balesi’s stare was full of invasiveness. As if his eyes were two daggers, it felt like they cut open Angela and inspected her soul.

“I heard that you are having a great time talking with Mr. Kaka His Highness, and you guys already finished five big bottles of wine. Therefore, I ordered the maids to prepare a few more bottles of wine, and I also ordered the chef to cook up some delicate dishes.” Angela smiled at Fei as she explained. After that, she smiled at everyone else and told the four maids behind her to bring up the prepared items. Soon, more than a dozen dishes of delicate food were placed on the table in front of everyone.

There were actually a few more dishes in the food boxes in the maids’ hands.

These food boxes were products created by Fei when he was chilling with Angela. There were simple and basic magic arrays engraved on the inside of the boxes, and they could keep the temperature inside the box constant so food inside the boxes would be kept cold or hot. These boxes were far better than the fridges and thermal lunch boxes in Fei’s previous life.

The dishes in the boxes were ones created by Fei as well; they were dishes such as “Kung Pao Chicken” and  “Double Cooked Pork”. They were all made with ingredients that were found on Azeroth Continent. Although they might not be as delicious as some of the best food in this world and they weren’t exactly like the dishes on earth, they looked special, and they were created by Fei and Angela; these dishes represented some of the sweet moments Fei and Angela had.

After Angela heard that Fei drank a lot of wine and was having a great time with the guests, she and Emma cooked these dishes and brought them here.

In Angela’s mind, since these people were Fei’s guests, they should be treated well.

As Angela was putting down the dishes, Priest Balesi’s eyes were still locked on her. His eyes were blurry since he was old, but at this moment, they were brighter than ever. Two vague silver lights dashed out of his eyes as he carefully observed Angela all around.

This kind of expression would only appear on addicted poker players who had a great hand, greedy merchants who discovered a gold mine, and a thirsty man who saw an unparalleled beauty.


Both Pierce and Drogba hit the table and stood up. They sneered as they stared at Priest Balesi with anger. Their hands were already on their weapons. If this Balesi wasn’t an important figure in the Holy Church, these two would have already drawn out their swords and attacked Balesi. The fact that Balesi was looking at the future queen of Chambord in such an offensive way already triggered these warriors of Chambord.

Fei also sneered as he looked at Balesi.

He knew that this Top-Tier Priest from the Holy Church wasn’t thinking about obscenity. However, the desire in his eyes was a hundred times more terrifying than greed. As if he discovered a precious treasure, he was looking at Angela in a way that it felt like Angela was no longer a human but an item to him.

Fei instantly lost all respect he had towards this elder. He sneered again and turned around as he stared at Kaka who was sitting in front of him.

Kaka obviously didn’t expect this as well. He frowned and coughed. “Teacher,” he reminded Balesi with a quiet voice.

Kaka was quiet and gentle with his tone, but it felt like his words carried an indescribable magic. Like the eruption of a volcano, it was able to wake up people who had fallen asleep for numerous year.

Fei was a little shocked. Kaka definitely used a special technique…… This [God’s Favorite Child] wasn’t as simple as he seemed.

“Your Highness…… Oh, my apologies……” Balesi’s body shivered a little as he moved his eyes off of Angela.

This white-haired elder looked at Kaka and smiled; as he nodded his head, a strange light appeared in his eyes. After that, he smiled at Fei. The smile was so bright that it seemed like he wasn’t sorry about his rude behavior at all. Soon, his eyes went back to Angela as he continued to observe and nod repeatedly.

After seeing this rude act again, people like Drogba could no longer hold back the anger. They shouted and was able to draw their weapons. However, Fei lightly waved his hand. These guys sat back down unwillingly as they still stared at Balesi angrily.

Balesi didn’t care about the reaction of Chambord at all.

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  2. I just wish the author would hurry up and either tell us how what her power(the taming thing, from that church guy I bet her power is more important than just taming) is or give her an actual role

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