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Hail the King Chapter 321.2

Chapter 321: Pressure (Part Two)

He stared at Fei with coldness in his eyes. He was actually shocked; he didn’t expect Fei’s strength to grow this much in this short amount of time. When he met Fei in the underground cave of Blood-Edge’s headquarter, he was still able to clearly detect how powerful Fei was. Although he tried to recruit this young king at the time for some other reason, he looked down on Fei and didn’t really think Fei was a character who posed threats to him. But now, this king was able to threaten him.

Of course, Balesi was infuriated.

“How dare such a small king offend me and trick me? How dare he ask Mr. Kaka to leave?”

Balesi wasn’t someone who can’t endure pain and embarrassment.

Instead, the reason he was the accompanying priest of Kaka wasn’t because of his combat ability. Rather, it was because that he was wise and calm. He had read numerous books and witnessed how different groups inside the Holy Church tried to kill each other in order to advance.

However, he was the most irrational person today. For some reason, the person who was always calm and calculative was now very emotional like a rabbit that got its tail stepped on. Even Kaka and the cavaliers were a little surprised.

“Your Majesty, it is my fault for causing such trouble. Priest Balesi was very surprised by the queen, and he misbehaved. Please accept my apologies.” At this intense moment, [God’s Favorite Child] Kaka suddenly apologized to Fei as he waved his hand and signal the cavaliers to leave the tent and start preparing for the trip.

Fei’s impression of Kaka wasn’t bad. He smiled and also waved his hand to calm down the warriors of Chambord. After that, he walked Kaka to his silver magic carriage. After some more chitchat, they said farewells to each other.

“Your Highness, if you change your mind, you can inform the Bishop of Zenit. My offer would be open forever. To you, Chambord is only a little pond and the king of Chambord is only a big frog in this small pond. Your name is designated to be heard throughout the continent, and I’m sure that you will make the correct decision soon.”

Before they left, Priest Balesi still continued to try to make Angela change her mind. As he talked to Angela, he looked at Fei in a provocative manner. It was obvious that he wanted to get Angela to become a Saintess, and it seemed like it was of utter importance to him.

Although Kaka and the king of Chambord were very friendly towards each other, Red-Robe Top-Tier Priest Balesi who was like a teacher and a strategist to Kaka already stood on the other side of the table.

What happened today was really strange.

A lot of people didn’t understand what had happened. It was a friendly visit at first since Balesi was always trying to recruit the king of Chambord. However, the ending to this was very unexpected.

Fei didn’t react to Balesi’ provocation as a vague smile was always on his face.

“Your Majesty, let us go and teach that b-----d a lesson!” Drogba and Pierce stared at Balesi who was leaving as they said. They couldn’t hold back their anger, and they were planning to do some illegal things.

Fei turned around and saw Oleg who was also looking at him in an excited manner; he wanted to go and vent his anger as well.

Fei was surprised by this; he found it funny as well.

His men were spoiled by him. It was the Holy Church! All forces on the continent were afraid of them and had to respect them. They would either try to flatter them or try to stay far away from them. “These three guys want to chase and kill a priest of the Church? Are they crazy?” Fei thought.

“Fu*k off! Go and improve your strength first! The three of you added together can’t even defend against his finger!” Fei stared at them and kicked them on their butts. After that, he walked towards his central tent.

After talking a few steps, he turned around and commanded: “No one can leave the camp area tonight without my permission! Everyone has to stay here quietly! Also, don’t even talk about what happened tonight with anyone.” Fei said seriously.

“Yes, Your Majesty.” The warriors of Chambord all got docile after seeing how serious Fei was.

Only Lampard who was standing far away saw Fei’s little movement. He saw Fei looking at the direction of the Balesi, and he saw a pair of eyes that were so cold that they could instantly freeze water.


After Fei walked into the central tent, he started to think back to what had happened. After he calmed down, he realized that things weren’t that simple. Although Balesi was trying to convince Angela to join the Shrine Choir, it felt like there was something on Angela that was very important to Balesi and his group.

This was something that Fei had been thinking about as well.

Although Angela never had any magic and didn’t have any special talent that she was born with, she was really good at communicating with animals. In fact, she was so good with animals that even the most vicious animal would be docile like a little cute kitty when it was near her.

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