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Hail the King Chapter 322.1

Chapter 322: He Is Scary (Part One)

Fei always wanted to know where Angela’s ability came from.

What Balesi said today gave Fei some possible ideas – perhaps only the people with the purest souls can community with the animals in natural on a spiritual level. Such pure souls may cause the beasts to lose their cautiousness as they would become intimate.

Only the purest soul can complete such a miracle.

Fei somehow felt like there were more secrets on Angela; it wasn’t as simple as having the purest soul. These secrets may be tightly related to the Holy Church, and that was why sly Balesi had lost his temper today. It felt like the cavaliers of the Holy Church wasn’t too stimulated as they didn’t know much about the secrets.

Also, it was Fei’s first-time meeting [God’s Favorite Child] Kaka.

This was a deep and inestimable character; humble yet powerful. As for now, Fei couldn’t see through Kaka’s strength. During the conversation they had today, Kaka was always calm. Even when Fei and Balesi were facing off each other aggressively, the bright smile could still be seen on Kaka’s face. It could easily pull people closer to him, and others won’t be uncomfortable around him.

Such a character was scary.

However, Fei didn’t sense anything negative about this Kaka. Instead, he felt very intimate towards him.

After he gathered his thoughts, Fei opened up the portal and entered Diablo World. This time, he didn’t choose the Barbarian Character. He chose to use the Amazon Character and the Necromancer Character this time, and he tried his best to level up these two characters.


The dawn came.

When a sliver of white light appeared on the horizon, it lit up the clouds in the sky.

It was the coldest in the winter morning. Roads and trees on the sides were all covered by a thin layer of white frost. Under the bright sunlight, everything looked beautiful.

A team of about 100 people was moving forward slowly on a road in the valley.

The cavaliers who were wearing silver armors and white capes were chatting with each other and laughing; they were obviously having a good time. The crisp noises made by the horse hooves and the frozen ground resonated in the area. The person who was at the very front of this team was a tall cavalier who was riding on a black horse that was more than two meters tall; the horse breathed out “white fog” constantly. In the hands of this cavalier, there was a silver cross; that represented the identity of these people –

The Holy Church!

Among the cavaliers, there was a silver magic carriage. There were a lot of magic engravings that belonged to the Holy Church on the carriage. The carriage was about two meters long, and it didn’t have any wheels. Under the carriage, more than 100 small wind-elemental magic arrays helped the carriage that was about 1000 kilograms float in the air. In the front, four black horses of similar sizes pulled the carriage forward slowly and steadily.

The cavaliers around the carriage were powerful; they were all guarding this carriage cautiously.

Inside the carriage, there were two people enjoying the soft and comfortable interior. They were [God’s Favorite Child] Kaka and his accompanying priest Balesi.

“Your Highness, aren’t you moved by this opportunity?” Balesi opened his eyes and lightly asked.

“I didn’t see any opportunities.” Kaka shook his head.

“Eh…… Your Highness, that woman named Angela has the ‘godly body’ and the “godly soul”; she is the most fitted for being a Saintess. If we can bring her to the Holy Mountain, you would definitely be favored by Pope His Majesty. I’m sure that she would have no problem advancing to a Saintess from a member of the Shrine Choir. If she succeeds, then our South Mountain’s strength would increase dramatically. Then……”

“Bring her to the Holy Mountain? Did you see that she is already Alexander’s woman?” Kaka interrupted Balesi’s daydream with a smile.

“Haha, he is only a small king of a level 6 affiliated kingdom, and his parent empire is only a level 1 empire. As long as Your Highness want, does the king of Chambord dare to disobey your order?” Balesi sneered. As the winter sunlight shined on his wrinkled face, a fierce and vicious expression was highlighted. He was very different from the calm and gentle priest that he appeared in front of everyone else.

“If he is only a king of an affiliated kingdom, it would be fine. But I’m sure that you, the teacher, know that Alexander’s identity isn’t that simple.”

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