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Hail the King Chapter 323.1

Chapter 323: New Definition of Archers (Part One)

“Since you already know my strength, how dare you still continue to assassin me? I will make sure that you don’t return alive. I will also burn your body and scatter your ashes.”

After feeling the severe pain in his hand, Priest Balesi was enraged.

Ever since he became a priest, he hadn’t been injured for a long time. Even though some of his opponents were much more powerful than him, they had to respect the Holy Church and didn’t harm him. But today, his hand was cut open by this assassin who was much weaker than him. To Balesi, this was a great shame.

After seeing that the assassin didn’t back away, Balesi roared again and struck out.

The silver-white Holy Power surged around like waves of the ocean, and it soon covered more than half of the sky. The valley that was previously shined on by the sun was now shined up by the Holy Power. A huge silver palm made from the Holy Power smashed into the body of the assassin.

“Puff…… Eh……”

After the assassin was struck, he gaged a little as blood spurted out of his mouth.

Like a cannonball, his body got shot into the mountain on the side of the road. Clouds of dust instantly flew into the air, and the assassin was deeply pressed into the mountain. There was now a deep hole on the mountain…… Balesi was really angry this time, and he used all of his power.

The clouds of dust slowly settled down.

Balesi was standing in mid-air with no support.

His robe with black and white patches fluttered in the wind, and waves of silver and white flames enveloped him. He looked just like a god of war, and all the cavaliers felt like kneeling down and worshiping him.

This was the first time that the cavaliers and the Godly Servants of the Holy Church saw Balesi using his full strength. They all looked at the figure in the air with excitement and admiration.

Standing in mid-air with no external support; that was a sign of a Moon-Class Elite.

The cavaliers finally knew that this frugal, stubborn, and normal-looking elder was a master warrior who was at least a Moon-Class Elite!

After the clouds of dust went down and the rock pieces stopped falling down, everyone looked at the side of the mountain again. On the mountain that wasn’t too steep, there was a huge hole that was in the shape of a human figure. The cracked rocks on the side of the road were stained by blood, and there weren’t any movements inside the hole as there was no sound coming from it.

Many cavaliers believed that this assassin had died after taking a full-on strike of a Moon-Class Elite.

“Go drag him out. Doesn’t matter if he is dead or alive, we need to see his body. I want to see who dares to assassinate Mr. Kaka His Highness.”

After a dash of silver light, the wound on Balesi’s hand disappeared. After that, he stood in mid-air and ordered the cavaliers to find the corpse of the assassin in the hole.

“Yes, Mr. Balesi.”

Two cavaliers took the order and jumped towards the hole.

They started to move the rock pieces that were blocking the way to the hole. After they finished that, they entered the hole. All other cavaliers looked at them from afar. They all wanted to know who dared to assassinate key figures of the Holy Church.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Suddenly, three black arrows dashed out of the hole like meteors; they were like the three points of a triangle.

The noises weren’t loud. The arrows passed by the ears of the two cavaliers in the hole with light air-piercing noises.

After the arrows passed by, the strong wind created by the arrows hit the two cavaliers. The force easily knocked the two cavaliers who were both three-star warriors out of the hole.

The three arrows were like the sickle of the Grim Reaper. They were targeting the vital spots on Balesi who was standing in mid-air.

“He is not dead……”

“That assassin is still alive!”

The cavaliers and Godly Servants standing by shouted in surprise. No one thought that this assassin who took a strike from a Moon-Class Elite was still alive. The assassin was able to counterattack so effectively…… could it be that this assassin was also a Moon-Class Elite?

The appearance of the three arrows was way too unexpected. They were released just as people thought the assassin was dead.

This assassin must be an experienced executor. He had mastered the art of picking the appropriate time and angle!


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