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Hail the King Chapter 323.2

Chapter 323: New Definition of Archers (Part Two)

Balesi’s pupil contracted as he sneered. He grasped his left hand, and the Holy Power around him surrounded his hand and formed an energy shield with numerous runes on it. This shield blocked the path of the arrows.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Three crackling noises sounded almost at the same time.

When the black arrows hit the white shield, a huge energy wave was created. The waves moved outward like the ripples in a lake. Balesi who was standing in mid-air also moved a little. It was obvious that the power contained inside the arrows were far beyond everyone’s expectation. It felt like the three arrows were the dragon lances that were shot out by the huge Siege Crossbows.

The arrows that collided with the shield didn’t fall down. As if they had the minds of their own, they tightly nailed onto the surface of the shield with the residual power, and it felt like they wanted to pierce through the shield and the man behind it.

“Fu*k! Back off!”

Balesi roared, and the Holy Power around him surged again. A huge amount of energy rushed into the shield, and the three demon-like arrows were knocked back. With the force of the Holy Power, they went back into the hole faster than when they came out.


A figure dashed out of the human-shaped hole as fast as a lightning.

A whirlwind was created by his movement.

As the clouds of dust and small rocks started to fly into the air again, this man grabbed onto the arrows that were shooting back at him. In just a split second, he was only one meter away from Balesi. With a shake of his wrist, the three arrows turned into many as they stabbed at Balesi’ forehead, eyes, throat, and heart; he was using the arrows like swords.

Tink! Tink! Tink!

A series of white and silver energies rippled in the air as Balesi used his mind to create them.

Like indestructible armors, they covered the vitals spots on Balesi. As some of the energies were eliminated, more energies appeared. Series of metal-colliding noises sounded, and sparks shot at all directions. This completely blocked the strikes coming from the assassin.

After he realized that this strike was not effective, the assassin made an unexpected attack again.

The bow that was in his other hand was used as a weapon. The assassin smacked down at Balesi’ head with the back of the bow. Balesi saw this coming, and he dodged away. However, the dark-red bowstring that was sharper than a blade coiled towards Balesi’s neck. If Balesi’ neck was coiled, his head would be instantly cut off.

Balesi stepped in the air and dodged this strike again perfectly. Then, a vicious sneer appeared on his face. His right hand grasped in thin air, and a dragon lance appeared in his hand. He roared and stabbed at the back of the assassin.

The dragon lance was as fast as lightning.

This priest was great at grasping opportunities in battles as well.

The cavaliers started to cheer as they saw that the assassin wasn’t able to dodge. But in the next second, the assassin smashed his bow against the dragon lance. By using the repulsion force generated by this, his body turned around rapidly like a Beyblade. He dodged the lance by rotating 360 degrees four times in the air.

As he was rotating his body, a series of bowstring vibrations sounded. Four to five arrows were shot at Balesi as they took strange trajectories.

The power in the arrows could even break the space and time. Balesi didn’t dare to underestimate the arrows. He quickly waved his hands, and the silver Holy Power created three rune shields and protected him.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The arrows broke the three silver shields. Fire came out of the cracks on the shields and even burned a few of Balesi’s hairs.

Fire Magic Arrows!

This assassin was a Magic Archer!

Everyone opened their mouths subconsciously as they couldn’t believe it.

This assassin had too many tricks up his sleeves.

In the next moment, this assassin already landed on the ground. With momentum, he rotated his body and got on a single-knee. He instantly stabilized his body and pulled on the bow; he demonstrated his impressive archery again.

After three more arrows were shot out, they split into tens of thousands of arrows on the way. In just a second, numerous arrows had targeted Balesi like a storm.

One arrow into 10,000 arrows!

This was the legendary archery skill that only god-tier archers could use. On the Azeroth Continent, there were only a few people who could achieve this level. The fact that this assassin had this level of archery surprised the cavaliers and Godly Servants of the Holy Church even more.

Balesi who was still in mid-air was caught off guard. Facing the numerous arrows, his silver Holy Power surged more and more; it looked like it was another sun in the sky.

The assassin on the ground continued to shoot out arrows.

Each of these arrows turned into 10,000 more arrows.

The entire sky was covered by this “arrow rain”.

Now almost all the cavaliers and Godly Servants knew that the assassin wasn’t a Moon-Class Elite yet.

However, the assassin was very agile and fast. His movements and techniques were fantastic, and his archery was shocking as well. Bow and arrows were lethal weapons in his hands, and he was still powerful with them gone. He wasn’t like a typical archer who could only attack in a distance; his close-range combat skills enabled him to be an all-around fighter. This man gave the people a completely new definition of archers.

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  1. Fan

    Could it be….her!

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    • JvNv

      It’s Alexander in Amazon mode I think he will also use necromance mode to make the atack look like it was done by a enemy of the church the necromancers.

      Thanks for the chapter.

      • BloodsTide

        ohhhh maybe ? cause i mean the necromancer can exhibit power above his class using a catalyst right ? like using corpse explosion or something would be sure to hurt the priest and remember like in the previous chapter he started leveling up his amazon and necromancer characters

  2. Leon

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      • BloodsTide

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