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Hail the King Chapter 324.1

Chapter 324: About Agility (Part One)

It was because of all these strange and unexpected battle methods and styles that allowed this assassin to trouble Balesi who was a Moon-Class Elite. For a moment, Balesi could only try to play the defensive game instead of the offensive game.

By this time, all the cavaliers had carefully circled around [God’s Favorite Child] Kaka to protect him.

Balesi who was standing in mid-air seemed like he was locked up by all these arrows as the arrows enveloped around him. Like a small boat floating on a river in a storm, Balesi was only protected by his Holy Power. However, his Holy Power was enough. Numerous layers of white Holy Power appeared one meter in front of him, and all the fierce and vicious arrows that were coming at him couldn’t pass through this line of defense.

It was obvious that this mysterious assassin was no match to Balesi in terms of pure power.

As long as Balesi got a moment to breathe and regroup, this mysterious assassin could start to lose.

Soon, this assassin realized this as well.

In the next second, the assassin changed his method of attack.

He stood still, but the strangely-shaped big bow that was twice the size as a regular bow disappeared after a light flashed by. What appeared in his hand next was a javelin. The javelin was about two meters long, and both ends of it were sharp. Without any patterns or symbols on it, its smooth body looked like a thin line from afar.

This assassin held onto the javelin tightly. After he dashed forward and accelerated, his body suddenly tilted forward. With a roar, the javelin was thrown out at Balesi who was in still in the sky.

This throw looked average, but it was actually powerful.

As soon as the javelin left this assassin’s hand, it already appeared in front of Balesi; it felt like this javelin ignored time and space.

White energy shields continued to appear in front of Balesi, but these shields couldn’t stop this javelin as easily as when they stopped the arrows.

In just a second, the javelin broke through more than a dozen shields and was less than one centimeter away from Balesi’ heart.

At this moment, a long and ear-piercing noise sounded by everyone’s ear. This was the noise that the javelin made. The javelin was traveling faster than the sonic speed; that was why the noise it made came after the strike almost landed.

It was fortunate that Balesi had more than one set of Holy Power around him.

After the javelin pierced through numerous layers of energy shields, it stopped moving forward. Its power was limited by the strength of this assassin.

As people thought that the javelin was about to fall to the ground, a sudden change occurred. Terrifying lightning magic elements surged on the javelin, and the energy shields Balesi had in front of him all shattered like glass. The javelin instantly passed through all of Balesi’ Holy Power defense lines, and it struck towards Balesi’ heart again.


“Mr. Balesi, be careful!”

The cavaliers on the ground shouted subconsciously.

This assassin had way too many techniques that they never heard of. The cavaliers on the ground were all terrified. If they were the target instead of Balesi who was a Moon-Class Elite, they would have died more than a hundred times.


All of Balesi’s hairs stood up on his body. At that critical moment, his body moved unexpectedly and dodged the attack; he demonstrated the power and the unchallengeable dignity of a Moon-Class Elite.

This javelin that had lightning power on it didn’t injure Balesi, but it did tear a huge opening on his robe that had numerous black and white patches. The area under his armpit was torn, and the white inner shirt he was wearing got burned by the lightning and turned brownish-yellow.

It was a scary scene.

“I have to admit that your strength is impressive. However, your performance ends now.” After Balesi dodged this lethal attack, his expression calmed as he stood in the sky and stated.

He already calmed down at this point, and he wasn’t as angry as he was at the beginning. This assassin had demonstrated a level of power that he had to respect. Although this assassin wasn’t a Moon-Class Elite, he was at least an eight-star warrior.

It was at this moment that Balesi realized a small issue that he ignored at the beginning.

This assassin was here to kill him!

A few minutes ago when the assassin showed himself, many people subconsciously thought that he was here to kill Kaka.

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  2. Ah, did he figure it out? But he would assume it would be someone else, sent by Fei. Elena perhaps, he might think it is a disguising skill to look and sound male

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