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Hail the King Chapter 324.2

Chapter 324: About Agility (Part Two)

After all, every assassination this team had faced so far these years had been targeting [God’s Favorite Child] Kaka. Kaka’s identity was noble, and he had unlimited potential. He was a strong candidate for the throne of the Pope, and he had a lot of potential enemies. No assassin has ever targeted anyone else.

It was different this time.

Balesi realized that this mysterious assassin had been targeting him from the beginning. This assassin showed no sign of attacking the handsome [God’s Favorite Child] Kaka who was still smiling at this moment.

Balesi’s brain started to process the potential information this sudden observation brought.

He even had a suspect in mind, but he wasn’t sure if he was right.

“Could that guy be this daring?”

Although Balesi was thinking, his movements weren’t slow.

The silver Holy Power filled up the entire valley.

In the next second, there were numerous silver dragon lances created by the pure Holy Power in the sky. The tips of the dragon lances were all pointing at the assassin on the ground. Although each dragon lance was formed by the Holy Power, they all had a deadly metallic glare to them.

With this level of power, Balesi could easily destroy this valley if he wanted to.

People in the valley sensed the pressure, and they felt like it was doomsday. It felt like the air had even frozen.

“Kneel down and surrender. I won’t kill you if you do that.” Balesi said as he looked majestic in the sky. His white hair and beard fluttered in the wind, and it felt like he was connected with nature and couldn’t be defeated.

“Surrender your mom!”

The assassin suddenly mocked Balesi casually. He then waved his hand, and clouds of red flames emerged from afar as a buzzing noise sounded. These clouds of flames danced in the air and merged with each other. Soon, these clouds of flames became one and turned into a figure who looked exactly like this assassin.

Didn’t matter if it was the clothing, weapon, or the facial expression, they all looked identical to the assassin.


“A clone? Or teleportation? Which one is real?”

The two “assassins” were ten meters apart, but they looked exactly the same to everyone else. Everyone opened their eyes widely, but they couldn’t spot the difference.

Balesi’s face changed color as well. He concentrated as two dashes of silver light shot out of his eyes. The lights enveloped the two figures as Balesi wanted to find the difference and spot the real assassin.

“What? They are the same? Even my ‘Godly Eyes’ can’t tell which one is fake?”

Balesi was shocked. But after a second, he was no longer troubled. He opened his palms and struck down at both “assassins”.

All the dragon lances that were floating in the sky turned into dashes of silver flashes of lightning instantly.

The dragon lances shot down at the two assassins, and they created numerous trajectories in the air.

The wind created by the strike sounded like the howling of the ghosts and the roaring of the gods.

A Moon-Class Elite’s full strike looked like it was able to destroy the heaven and the earth.

The cavaliers and the Godly Servants of the Holy Church all opened their eyes widely; they all wanted to see this powerful yet unlucky assassin die. Everyone believed that this was the end for this assassin. They didn’t think that dodging this strike was possible, let alone actually fighting back.

Just as they imagined, under the dense and powerful “dragon lance shower”, one of the “assassins” popped like a bubble after getting hit by more than a dozen dragon lances. It disappeared and couldn’t be found.

It was a phantom!

Even if this phantom was clever enough to trick Balesi’s technique – Godly Eyes, it couldn’t avoid getting destroyed by this lethal attack.

The collapse of the phantom represented the death of the real assassin.

The cavaliers and the Godly Servants had no doubts in their minds.

However, what happened next redefined the word “agility” in their minds.

Under the dense AoE (Area of Effect) attack, the assassin who everyone thought was going to die started to run. His speed wasn’t fast and wasn’t slow, but it was full of rhythms. As if he was dancing, he sometimes moved forward, he sometimes moved backward, he sometimes moved to the left, and he sometimes moved to the right; he even made some ridicules moves that were funny to others.

It was like a miracle! This assassin had dodged all of the dragon lances that were coming at him.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The huge dragon lances had silver flames around them, and they targeted the assassin’s head as they moved with surging Holy Power and pressure. Under the intentional control of Balesi, all the dragon lances were shooting at the assassin.

Numerous dragon lances flew by this assassin’s shoulders, waist, legs, back, and head. It was obvious that this assassin was keeping a tiny distance between him and the dragon lances.

Every time the cavaliers and the Godly Servants thought the assassin was about to be hit, this assassin showed them a new way of moving the body, dodging the dragon lances at special angles, and avoiding the kiss of the Grim Reaper.

Everyone’s heart was racing as no one knew what was about to come.

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