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Hail the King Chapter 325.1

Chapter 325: Necromancer (Part One)

It was a really strange feeling. For some reason, despite knowing that the assassin was an enemy, the cavaliers and the Godly Servants couldn’t help but feel nervous for him at this moment. They were all subconsciously captured by the mysterious assassin as he showed his miracle-like techniques. They were secretly rooting for him, and they would sometimes gasp when the situation got too dangerous.

[God’s Favorite Child] Kaka was standing among the cavaliers and the Godly Servants.

He was really calm from the beginning. The smile on his handsome face was really shiny, but his crystal-like eyes got brighter and brighter.

The 30 seconds felt like 30 decades.

Gradually, the assassin who was being showered by dragon lances moved slower and slower.

Under the control of Balesi, the space the assassin had to move around got smaller and smaller. In the end, there was nowhere to run, and the assassin had to change his body’s position to dodge the lances.

Soon, wounds started to appear on his body; the wind the dragon lances created cut a lot of small wounds on the assassin’s body.

The cavaliers and the Godly Servants saw a series of afterimages in the same area. Every time a lance pierced through the assassin’s body, the audience would find that the lance only pierced through an afterimage.

This assassin had displayed an unimaginable level of coordination and agility.

These abilities were beyond many people’s understanding.

“Are you in the final moment? Too bad that you are using your insane skills to fight against the Holy Church. In the end, your corpse can’t even stay intact.” A bit of unwillingness appeared on Balesi’ face as he stood in the sky and shot down dragon lances made by his Holy Power. He wasn’t sorry for this reckless assassin; he was only sad that these insane abilities couldn’t be kept.

“Yuck! Stop acting!”

The assassin who was still changing his body’s positions laughed back. Suddenly, a huge sky-blue colored shield appeared in his hand, and it completely blocked all the dragon lances that were coming at him. For a moment, the dragon lances couldn’t penetrate through the shield. Loud explosion noises sounded, and the land even started to shake.

Under the thrust of numerous dragon lances, the assassin and his shield started to sink into the frozen ground that was harder than steel.

The cavaliers and Godly Servants saw blood spurting out of the assassin’s mouth and nose. If he wasn’t wearing a special black metal bask, his face would have been all stained. Finally, the assassin was nailed into the frozen ground and a huge circular pit that was about four meters in diameter formed in the ground.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The dragon lances formed by the Holy Power continued to rain down and dash into the huge black pit. They created clouds of dust and chipped a lot of rocks.

After three minutes, Balesi finally stopped attacking. All the dragon lances around him stopped moving, and he carefully looked at the deep pit on the ground. However, the clouds of dust in the air blocked everyone’s sight. No one knew how deep the pit was, no one knew what was happening inside the pit, and no one knew if the talented assassin was still alive or not.

This time, Balesi didn’t order cavaliers to go into the pit like last time.

He suddenly dashed into the pit himself. He was a Moon-Class Elite, and he wanted to see what was going on first-hand.

The cavaliers, Godly Servants, and Kaka were all waiting for the results on the ground. For some reason, they all felt like something bad was about to happen despite the fact that Balesi was a Moon-Class Elite.

At this moment –

“Ah…… gods…… Undead….. Undead Mage!”

A hoarse and extremely terrified voice sounded from the deep pit, and a bright silver Poly Power shot up into the sky following the scream. However, it was clear that a light grey and blueish fog was mixed in with the Holy Power. This fog-like power had a gloomy and chilly feel to it, and it felt like it could instantly freeze up someone’s blood.

“God! Undead Mag! Evil Undead Mage!”

“Damn, that guy is an Undead Mage…… Undead…. AHAHAHA……”

“Sh*t, shi*t! What should we do!”

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  1. agila0212

    Thank you for the chapter 🙂

  2. Rubik

    Why’d he use the necro?
    they will suspect fei to be in league with the undead mage now

    • WirlWind

      Nah, they wouldn’t think a God’s favoured child with such potent aura could be an undead mage. If anything, it would probably push him to the back of the list.

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