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Hail the King Chapter 325.2

Chapter 325: Necromancer (Part Two)


The cavaliers and the Godly Servants were all shocked. They shouted loudly and couldn’t believe what was going on. As if the most unimaginable event took place, their voices even changed.

[God’s Favorite Child] Kaka who had the warm smile on his face also frowned. His expression froze, and he could no longer take it casually.

Everyone was sure that the strands of grey and blueish fog-like power that was within the Holy Power were the evil and terrifying Undead Magic Power!

It was also the Undead Magic Power in its purest form.

Even [God’s Favorite Child] Kaka had never seen such a pure Undead Magic Power despite his vast knowledge. This power was equivalent to the evillest and most terrifying power that could corrode away anything.

Since the inception of the Holy Church, they had been fighting Undead Mages. The history of the grudge between the two forces was buried in the dust of the time, but many people thought that the Undead Magic Power was the only counter for the Holy Power. Although the Undead Mages were associated with corpses and dead people and were disliked by many, the real reason why Holy Church wiped them out was that the dominating Holy Church would never allow a group of people who could counter them to exist.

Light and Darkness were co-existing, and yet they counter each other.

The Bright Holy Power and the Undead Magic Power were the same. One of them wasn’t stronger than the other; there were only stronger practitioners.

At the moment, the Undead Magic Power was so pure that it dominated over the Holy Power Balesi had. That grey yet blueish Undead Magic Power was the purest Undead Magic Power in this world. Even the pureness of Kaka’s golden Holy Power might not even compare to this. Perhaps only the legendary Godly Holy Power that the Pope had could rival against this purest Undead Magic Power.

In a few moments, the silver Holy Power that had filled the valley was almost completely corroded by the Undead Magic Power. It was getting weaker and weaker.

This meant that Balesi who was battling with the Undead Mage inside the pit was at a disadvantage.

After a series of anxious and angry shouts sounded from the pit, everyone on the ground got nervous. “How powerful is this Undead Mage? He is able to put Balesi who is a Moon-Class Elite into a disadvantage so fast?” They thought. Once Balesi was defeated, it was unlikely that people here today could survive.

Kaka’s face changed color. As he was about to say something, changes occurred –

A terrifying silver Holy Power shot into the sky, and a series of booming noises sounded afterward. Then, a figure who looked anxious rushed out of the pit as he was enveloped by this Holy Power.

“It is Mr. Balesi!”

“Mr. Balesi got out!”

Everyone relaxed. As they were about to let go of the breath that they were holding in for a long time, a sharp bone spear that reflected a chilly glare caught up with Balesi. It dashed through the fog-like Undead Magic Power and pierced through Balesi’s left chest as it made a loud air-piercing noise.


A huge hole was created in Balesi’ chest, and blood, as well as chipped bones, fall out of there.

Balesi fell down from the sky as blood also leaked out of all seven openings on his head including his nostrils, ears, eyes, and mouth. He was severely injured.

“Protect Mr. Balesi.”

“Quick! Protect Mr. Balesi!”

The cavaliers and the Godly Servants quickly surrounded Balesi who already fainted after being reminded by [God’s Favorite Child] Kaka. They all looked at the vague figure who also jumped out of the pit. With dense layers of Undead Magic Power and white bones circling around this figure, it was hard to tell what this person looked like. They couldn’t be sure if this was the same person as that skillful assassin.


Tap, tap!

Tap, tap, tap, tap!

A series of clear yet heavy footsteps sounded, and they hammered the nerves of the cavaliers and the Godly Servants. The atmosphere was really intense.

“Quick! Set up the Bright Array!” Someone shouted and reminded all of the cavaliers and Godly Servants.

More than a dozen Godly Servants started to chant a series of indescribable and vague phrases, and the cavaliers all stomped on the ground as silver Battle Rings appeared under their feet. The wave-like Battle Rings started to expand, and they soon merged with the silver Holy Power emitted by the Godly Servants. Together, they formed a huge silver sphere that was more than 100 meters in diameter. Numerous silver runes started to appear on the sphere as well on the ground. A huge Bright Holy Power Magic Array was constructed in time.

This time, that terrifying Undead Mage finally walked out of the cloud of fog-like Undead Magic Power.

Within 20 centimeters from him, there was huge armor that was made from white bones. The bones flew around him and protected him in all directions. His grey and white long hair was fluttering in the air, and his face was covered-up by a magic mask. Only his eyes were exposed, and they were emitting dark-blue lights as if they were two lanterns. In his left hand, he was holding onto a strange shield made from purple bones and skeleton heads. In his right hand, he was holding onto a magic wand that was about half a meter long and had a white skeleton head on the tip of it. The entire body of this Undead Mage was covered with that grey and blueish fog-like Undead Magic Power, and he looked scary and murderous.

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  1. DWG Prophecy

    Why would he even use the necromancer? When he knows the church will kill thousands just to kill one necromancer!

    • SaDDisT

      Last resort, as you can see Fei will be the one who will die if he dont use it.

      Escape through portal? He wanted to kill Olddy why would he escape.

      He cant use use class like Barb and Paladin.

      And Necro class is such a fatal counter to holy power.

  2. Leon

    Set equipment? Cool

  3. Matthew B

    Thanks for the update! Glad to see that this story is have a more consistent release schedule.

  4. Still waiting for the sequel series

  5. agila0212

    Thank you for the chapter 🙂

  6. SaDDisT

    So did Olddy died? I mean he got a hole at his chest.

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