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Hail the King Chapter 326.1

Chapter 326: Shocking News (Part One)

For some reason, it felt like Balesi had already aged for more than ten years in just a few seconds, and he continued to age even faster visibly. Time was passing by him at an insane rate, and a lot of wrinkles appeared on his skin. The age spots appeared on his face, and his eyes got very cloudy. Soon, it felt like this Moon-Class Elite couldn’t even open his eyes anymore.

It was a very powerful curse.

The curse was taking away Balesi’s life at a fast pace.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

There was only a sneer in response. The grey and blueish fog-like power started to surge, and the Undead Mage who was inside this “fog” only needed to wave his wand to cast a spell; he didn’t even need to chant and experience the time-lag.

In the next moment, a series of sharp and chilling bone spears appeared in the air, and they dashed at Balesi like a bunch of lightning bolts.

Boom! Bam!

The bone spears struck onto the Bright Holy Power Magic Array, and the Holy Power shone. The huge impact force shocked everyone inside the array, and the people from the Holy Church felt like there was an earthquake occurring. The collision between the light and darkness exploded, and the entire valley was filled with silver energy flames.

It was fortunate that the bone spears didn’t penetrate through the magic array.

After the energies in them were gone, the bone spears all turned into strands of grey Undead Magic Power and dispersed into the air.

This outcome allowed the cavaliers and Godly Servants who were inside the array to catch a breath.

With the protection of the most secure array of the Holy Church that was activated by more than 100 people’s power and energy, they didn’t need to worry about that scary devil breaking through the array and killing them. If this devil broke in, no one would be able to stop him as this devil was an Undead Mage who rivaled against a Moon-Class Elite.

At this intense moment where a lot of people forgot to breathe, no one noticed [God’s Favorite Child] Kaka’s movements. He quietly appeared behind Balesi and injected his golden Holy Power into Balesi’s body from the back. Quickly, this aging priest who was about to die finally stopped the fast aging curse.

“You…… can’t live on.”

Terrifying blue lights brightened as that devil opened his eyes widely. The blue lights passed through the fog-like Undead Magic Power and shined on Balesi. After he carefully observed Balesi’s body, he made that clear announcement.

The voice of this devil sounded like a hammer that smashed everyone’s heart, and it also sounded like the sickle of the Grim Reaper and made the people inside the array feel a chill in their throats.

His voice was very hoarse, and his special voice told everyone that this Undead Mage was the same person as the previous assassin.

As long as at least one of them made it out of here alive, the Holy Church would be able to find this Undead Mage using this clue. By then, there would be master warriors from the Church’s Execution Legion coming here to take care of this devil. What was more important at the moment for them was to pass out the news. After more than 20 years, the Undead Magic Power re-appeared on the Azeroth Continent. This would be a news that was going to shock the entire continent, and it needed to be passed out so that every single force on the continent would be ready to wipe out the evil entities.

As the cavaliers and the Godly Servants of the Church made up their minds and were prepared to at least help [God’s Favorite Child] Kaka get away even if they all died, the thick grey and blueish “fog” disappeared quickly like the tide.

That figure inside the fog-like Undead Magic Power also quickly backed away.

At this moment, the people of the Holy Church realized that there was a blue oval sphere, that was about two meters tall, behind them. Not sure when it appeared, but it was on the road that they walked by. That devil with the bones armors around him dashed to the blue oval sphere, and he waved his hands to send clouds of dust into the air to block everyone’s vision.

Then, a light flashed by as a buzzing noise sounded.

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  1. agila0212

    Thank you for the chapter 🙂

  2. Vandes

    Idk what to call the MC at this point. Stupid? Foolish? Power trip? Or getting in way over his head with his surge in strength?

    • common1

      Nope. It’s something normal. That’s what will happen if you suddenly give big power to someone who normally is weak in the real life. His mentality cannot match his big power standard. Just like a Sudden Wealth Syndrome.

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