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Hail the King Chapter 326.2

Chapter 326: Shocking News (Part Two)

As the clouds of dust settled down, that scary devil was nowhere to be found.

Since their visions were blocked by clouds of dust and the Undead Magic Power, the people of the Holy Church didn’t see clearly and weren’t sure what that blue oval sphere was.

The morning wind blew by, and it was so cold that some people sensed a chill in their bones.

As time passed by, all of the grey and blueish Undead Magic Power was gone.

The people of the Holy Church felt thirsty, but none of them dared to be careless. They still unleashed the power inside of them to maintain the Bright Holy Power Magic Array. They couldn’t be sure that the devil was really gone. They were afraid that the assassin would jump out of nowhere and demonstrate a few more secret techniques. After all, that was a reckless, powerful, yet sly Undead Mage; no one could be sure that this wasn’t a trick.

This tense atmosphere was maintained for almost half an hour.

“Stop. He is gone.” [God’s Favorite Child] Kaka finally spoke.

The Godly Servants stopped chanting, and the silver Battle Rings under the cavaliers’ feet also returned to their bodies like reverse-ripples. The bright runes on the ground were gone, and the Bright Holy Power Magic Array was pulled back.

Everyone felt like their legs were weak, and they almost fell to the ground. This was the result of depleting stamina and Holy Power during a big battle. Only themselves knew if fear played a role in that.

“That guy…… a really scary devil.” Someone said.

If there weren’t obvious traces of battle around the terrains and Moon-Class Elite Balesi wasn’t severely injured, everyone would have thought that they all hallucinated and everything was just an illusion. That assassin came fast and left even faster. No one saw where he came from, and no one knew how he left. However, everyone all realized one thing –

He was here to kill Balesi.

“Why would such a powerful Undead Mage come here to only kill Balesi?”

This question was on everyone’s mind, but no one asked it out loud.

The cavaliers started to retrieve the horses that ran off due to fear, and the Godly Servants started to use special techniques of the Holy Church to record the entire event. They kept the traces that were left behind, they recorded how the Undead Mage attacked, and they even tried to capture some of the Undead Magic Power that still hadn’t fully dispersed. The Mage Research Council on the Holy Mountain would be able to use special methods to analyze this Undead Magic Power to figure out the level of this Undead Mage.

The team of the cavaliers and the Godly Servants didn’t just run off.

Under the command of [God’s Favorite Child] Kaka, they carefully preserved the battleground. The news about the re-appearance of an Undead Mage was also passed back to the Holy Mountain using the fastest method. Soon, the master warriors from the closet Regional Churches would be here.

The light and darkness had been battling for more than a hundred years, and the Holy Church was experienced at killing Undead Mages. Soon, special forces would be here to take care of the rest. As long as an Undead Mage showed his or her appearance, they would be spotted by the Holy Church’s huge network. Even though Undead Mage hadn’t made an appearance for more than 20 years, even though the Holy Church was a little corrupted due to the long-term domination and comfort, these special forces were still efficient at dealing with Undead Mages.

Priest Balesi fainted, and he was really weak. With the big hole in his left chest, he could die at any given moment.

More than a dozen Godly Servants circled around him, and they were all trying their best to use their Holy Power to save Balesi’s life. On top of Balesi’s high status, he was the only one who battled with that Undead Mage. Only Balesi knew what happened in the pit, and he was the person who knew the most about that Undead Mage including the power level and characteristics. If Balesi died here, everyone here except [God’s Favorite Child] Kaka would be cruelly punished.

Too bad that the Undead Mage left a lot of purest Undead Magic Power inside Balesi’s body. For a moment, no healing attempts worked. Grey and blueish “fog” floated around the wounds, and they started to attack all the energy connections and channels inside Balesi’s body. The silver Holy Power from the Godly Servants’ couldn’t hold up, and even Kaka’s golden Holy Power couldn’t defend against it.

The magic array had already eaten up a lot of these Godly Servant’s power, and that was why they were all sweating like crazy after a few minutes into healing Balesi; they weren’t going to last long.

“You guys can all back off and rest.” Kaka waved his hand and let them guard the battlefield with the cavaliers as they all waited for reinforcement.

Kaka himself carefully took the torn robe off Balesi’s body. Then, he took out a small silver knife and started to cut off the flesh that was corroded by the Undead Magic Power and turned black. As he tried his best to alleviate the pain this old priest was experiencing, he injected his golden Holy Power into the old priest’s body to help him heal.

At the same time, Kaka tried to inspect the injuries on Balesi’s body and figure out how this Moon-Class Elite lost so quickly.

Soon, Kaka’s expression turned serious.

“All of them are Undead Curses…… Eh…… Amplify Damage…… Dim Vision…… Weaken that reduced the damage Teacher could deal, so he was like an Eight-Star Warrior in front of that Undead Mage…… More? Confuse? Also, his soul experienced terror…… More?…… what is this? God! Balesi instantly got nine different types of curses thrown onto him…… I can’t even figure some out!!”

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