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Hail the King Chapter 327.1

Chapter 327: Secret Message That Passed Through The Continent (Part One)

The more discoveries he made, the more series Kaka’s expression got.

He was fine before-hand, but he couldn’t calm himself down after knowing all this.

As one of the most popular [God’s Favorite Children], Kaka knew a lot more secret information about the Holy Church compared to normal priests, Godly Servants, and cavaliers.

After numerous years of murderous operations, the Holy Church had killed off most of the Undead Mages. Since the Undead Saint Palace was conquered by the Holy Church more than 20 years ago, the Undead Mages were pretty much eliminated. The spells, books, scrolls, and techniques of the Undead were all burned, and only a few Undead Mages escaped. Currently, it was rare to see Undead Mages, and the existing Undead Mages didn’t know much powerful spells and techniques.

However, the Undead Mage that appeared here today didn’t only have the purest Undead Magic Power but also knew a lot of high-level Undead Spells and Techniques. The meaning of this was enough to make the Pope who was on the Holy Mountain nervous.

An Undead Mage who had such power and knowledge meant that the branch of Undead Mage could be revived at any time.

“Must find this person and kill him!”

Kaka quickly came to this conclusion.

If he wasn’t concerned about the pureness of that Undead Magic Power and if he didn’t hesitate after Moon-Class Elite Balesi’s defeat, he might have tried to battle against that Undead Mage.

After thinking about that, he was a little ashamed.

“I was scared of an Undead Mage at that critical moment?”

“Gods, please forgive me for my timidity!” Kaka kneeled on the ground and prayed to the gods. He also asked himself, “Who is that guy? Why do I feel a little familiarity? Maybe Teacher Balesi knows something about him; after all, that guy was here for him. Too bad……”

Kaka looked at Balesi and thought, “Teacher Balesi’s heart was exploded by that Undead Mage’s [Bone Spear]. He is going to die at any time, and even the gods can’t save him.”



Under the golden sunshine, the white defense wall of the magnificent St. Petersburg reflected off a saint and pure light; it looked like a place where the gods lived.

When the sun was above the Moro Mountains, all four main gates of the Capital opened up. There were a lot more people crowed at the southern gate as it was the closest to the camp area of the affiliated kingdoms. The people were all rushing towards the Sword-Testing Stages like a fast-current river.

The amount of attention the competition received during the last few days was at an all-time peak. The battles between the top-7 warriors made the citizens of Zenit who loved wars and battles go crazy, especially since the quality of the masters was the highest in recent years.

Chambord attracted the most attention among all affiliated kingdoms.

Among 244 affiliated kingdoms, this little level 6 affiliated kingdom had two seats out of the seven seats in today’s competition. It was the best demonstration of a black-horse.

Chambord’s campsite was shiny under the sunshine. There was less than an hour before the start of today’s matches, and the campsite was already busy and chaotic. The flag of Chambord which had a two-headed dog, an ax, and a sword on it fluttered in the wind loudly as if it was going to break away and soar into the sky.

Almost everyone’s attention was on two tents.

The smaller tent was located near the river that was passing through Chambord’s campsite. The white tent looked like a pure white lotus that was peaceful and calm, but no one dared to stand within 10 meters from it. That was where the master warrior [Goddess of Archery] Elena lived. Even though a lot of Chambordians didn’t know where this beautiful and powerful female master warrior came from, it didn’t stop them from liking Elena. After all, Elena gained a lot of fans recently.

In the center of the campsite, there was the biggest and most majestic tent. The person who lived in it was the spiritual pillar of Chambord – the king of Chambord.

Alexander was like the lord of all Chambordians, and they thought of him as a god.

At this moment, a light buzzing noise sounded as a blue light flashed. The blue oval sphere had been inside this tent for about half an hour, and a person with a black mask just walked out of it. As soon as this man walked out of the sphere, it disappeared and quietness returned to the tent.

After taking off the mash, Fei let go of his breath.

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    After taking off the mash, Fei let go of his breath.

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