Chapter 328: Really Lucky (Part One)

The battle was really intense.

Fei used Assassin Mode at the beginning of the assassination.

However, his Assassin Character was only level 66 which was equivalent to a Seven-Star Warrior. After incorporating the special techniques of the Assassin Character, Fei was able to assassinate Eight-Star and Nine-Star Warriors. Although Fei was able to get really close to Balesi, he was discovered by his opponent.

He should still be able to have the advantage, but the huge difference in their strengths made him lose that.

After he was knocked into the mountain, Fei realized that his Assassin Character was too weak to injure a Moon-Class Elite. Therefore, he switched to his Amazon Character.

Amazon fighters specialized in many different areas including archery and javelin throwing. This character was good at range-attacks as well as some magic.

Fei also had done proper preparation the night before.

He trained hard in Diablo World, and he used the accumulated experience points and resources to level up the Amazon Character to level 68. Then, he purchased a lot of [Level 6 Rare Items] to greatly improve the combat ability of the Amazon Character.

In fact, Fei’s Amazon Character did give Balesi, who was a lot powerful than him, some pressure.

Fei used a series of Amazon Skills such as [Power Strike], [Lighting Bolt] and [Exploding Arrow]. Even when facing Balesi’s Moon-Class Technique [Holy Dragon Lance Shower], Fei was able to use the skill [Decoy] to scatter the dragon lances, and he was able to use [Avoid] and [Evade] to dodge the Moon-Class Elite’s killer strike.

Unfortunately, the gap in strengths was just too big.

The only mistake Fei made was not expecting Balesi’s Moon-Class Elite strength.

In the end, Fei had to use a shield that was a level 6 Rare Item that gave a 90+ defense, but he was pressed into the ground by Balesi’s strikes.

Therefore, Fei had to use his trump card – Necromancer Mode.

When Balesi dashed into the pit with two wings formed by his Holy Power, Fei was already waiting for him. As soon as they battled each other, Fei used one of the curses which was [Terror].

[Terror] was similar to Barbarian’s [Howl]. The skills could force powerful opponents to sense fear for a few seconds and lower their reaction speed.

When facing a Moon-Class Elite like Balesi, Fei’s [Terror] couldn’t make him sense fear. However, Balesi’s reaction speed was lowered.

Then, Fei quickly cast two more curses – [Dim Vision] and [Lower Resist].

These two curses made Balesi have a hard time seeing his surroundings and lowered his defensive abilities.

As soon as Balesi was about to recover from [Terror], Fei quickly cast the curse [Confused].

[Confused] made Balesi cast random spells and lowered his reaction time as well.

Then, Fei used all of his dirty little tricks.

He utilized the fact that the skills in Diablo World didn’t have cooldowns. Before his mana was depleted, he threw a series of curses at Balesi including [Amplify Damage], [Iron Maiden], [Life Tap], and [Weaken]. He used all of the curse skills he had learned.

The Necromancer’s power was called [Death Energy] in Diablo World, and it was called [Undead Magic Power] on Azeroth Continent. In fact, Necromancer’s [Undead Magic Power] was in the purest form, and it was a natural counter of [Holy Power]. Unless it was the Pope’s [Godly Holy Power], even the golden Holy Power of [God’s Favorite Children] couldn’t be as pure as Necromancer’s power.

With this counter-effect, Fei would be always at an advantage.

This was the reason why Fei could finally turn things around.

After Balesi sensed the series of curses, he finally knew who he was dealing with and understood what those chilling energies inside his body were. He screamed out of anger and fear as he sensed the dramatic drop in his condition.

This scream was the scream that Kaka and the others heard on the ground.

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