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Hail the King Chapter 330.1

Chapter 330: Joy Sorrow Separate Gather Sword Array (Part One)

The foggy Sword Energy looked like it had its own life. It traveled in the air via an irregular trajectory. It moved up, down, left, and right quietly. As it left a series of silver afterimages in the air, it approached [Silver Armored Vicious Sword] who was still talking rapidly. In a few moments, the entire space inside the protective magic array was filled with Sword Spirits.

“Eh? You really want to……” [Silver Armored Vicious Sword] shouted angrily.

Like a scared rabbit, this young man ran around the stage to dodge this Sword Energy from [One Sword]. Although his moves looked messy, he was able to dodge the Sword Energy repeatedly. He continued to run and scream, and his shoes almost fell off his feet. It was very funny, and a lot of people in the audience laughed at him.

“How can someone that arrogant be so bad?” they all thought.

However, [One Sword] didn’t laugh or smile.

His eyes gradually got brighter and brighter, and his lips lightly curved up.

He raised his rusty sword half way. After he lightly shook the sword, the Sword Spirits on the stage got more vicious. Just like the light rain in the spring; the water droplet-like Sword Spirits were tiny, but they were everywhere. The Sword Spirits would destroy someone’s life if they touched them.

As long as people looked at the magic array around the stage that shone brightly and the thin yet deep sword marks on the ground of the stage, they would know how powerful these Sword Spirits were.

“Hey, you are too ferocious! We can talk it out…… Hey, this is a sneak attack!…… Damn, my butt……”

[Silver Armored Vicious Sword] was taken by surprise. As he tried his best to avoid the rain-like Sword Spirits on the stage, he still didn’t stop talking and provoking. However, he didn’t successfully dodge one thin strand of Sword Spirits, and it pierced through his silver armor and left a wound on his butt.

“Don’t force me to defeat you!” [Silver Armored Vicious Sword] jumped around as he threatened.

However, this kind of “counter-attack” was useless against [One Sword].

The rusty sword in [One Sword]’s hand started to shake more violently, and the rain-like Sword Spirits on the stage got thinner and more compact. It felt like the sunlight was even cut off by this endless Sword Spirits Rain, and the audience really felt like it was raining inside the stage.

Only [Silver Armored Vicious Sword] could really experience how terrifying these Sword Spirits were, and he got into worse conditions by the second as more wounds appeared on his body.

“Damn! I’m really going to let loose!”

[Silver Armored Vicious Sword] ran around and shouted like a rabbit that was pressed into a corner. Just as everyone thought he was going to lose, this “rabbit” showed its fangs.

Just like what happened the other day when he was fighting Cech, a bright silver light shone on his armor. The light was so eye-piercing that everyone had to close their eyes subconsciously. When they opened their eyes again, the rain-like Sword Spirits on the stage were gone……

“This arrogant warrior actually broke through [One Sword]’s Sword Spirits?” Fei who was watching the battle in the VIP area was a little surprised.

The king didn’t really understand how [Silver Armored Vicious Sword] broke through [One Sword]’s Sword Spirits coverage, and he didn’t clearly see what that silver light was. However, he felt like his mind was triggered a little. At that moment, all of the emotional moments such as happy and sad moments that he had experienced in his life rushed into his head and replayed themselves vividly.

Such a strange technique!

“Haha, I countered your technique! You name is [One Sword], and you would never strike twice against the same opponent! Since you failed to defeat me in one strike, is it time for you to surrender?” [Silver Armored Vicious Sword] placed his hands on his waist as he laughed out loud. He was really proud, and it felt like the person who was running around on the stage a few seconds ago wasn’t him.

“I didn’t really use my sword.” [One Sword] lightly shook his head as a smile flashed on his face.

A smile? It was very rare to see that on [One Sword]’s face.

“What? You are going to go back on your words?” [Silver Armored Vicious Sword] got very angry after he heard that.

“It is only a rumor. When there is an opponent who deserves more than one strike from me, I will use more than one strike.” It felt like [One Sword] was unprecedently patient today. Rather than ignoring [Silver Armored Vicious Sword]’s words, he continued to explain, “Also, I didn’t really strike earlier. I was just practicing the new Sword Spirits that I acquired.”

“You…… I……” [Silver Armored Vicious Sword] was a little speechless after seeing [One Sword] joking with him. He couldn’t hold in his anger and said, “You forced me to do this. Hehe, don’t regret it!”

As he was speaking, a white light flashed by on the stage.

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