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Hail the King Chapter 332.1

Chapter 332: Blood on The Sword (Part One)

“Hahaha….. of course! My arms are broken, but I can still use my feet!”

After puking up another mouthful of blood, [Silver Armored Vicious Sword] leaped into the air. The silver sword that was knocked away from his hands was squeezed in between his feet. He lightly kicked the sword, and he was able to hold onto the handle of the sword using his feet properly. Again, he was in the state of “being one with the sword”, and his body rotated in the air like a huge Beyblade. The strike came fast, and the strike came cold.

Tink! Tink! Tink! Tink!

Joy Sorrow Separate Gather Sword Array started to make sounds again, and the chime sounds were long yet beautiful.

Only [One Sword] who was within Joy Sorrow Separate Gather Sword Array knew how dangerous these chime sounds were.

Too bad that [Silver Armored Vicious Sword] was greatly injured. He wasn’t able to defeat [One Sword] when he was in his peak condition, and there was no chance for him to win now.

All of the masters in the audience could tell that [Silver Armored Vicious Sword]’s techniques were mystic and miraculous, but they weren’t backed up with the required level of warrior energy. If [Silver Armored Vicious Sword] was a Six-Star Warrior, [One Sword] would have been defeated already. However, he was only a Four-Star Warrior, and he couldn’t utilize the techniques and this Joy Sorrow Separate Gather Sword Array effectively.


[One Sword] finally used his sword.

That dash of Sword Energy was as bright as a star, and it somehow showcased eternity at that moment.

“Puff….. Eh…….”

[Silver Armored Vicious Sword] who was spreading the silver flame in the air was forced back.

More blood came out of his mouth, and the silver sword that was held tightly in his legs was knocked away as well. It flew 20 meters in the air and stabbed into the ground. The body of the sword was vibrating violently, and [Silver Armored Vicious Sword]’s legs were severely damaged; the leg bones could even be seen, and some of the audiences were scared.

This was the lightest injury [Silver Armored Vicious Sword] could ask for.

If [One Sword] wasn’t inside the Joy Sorrow Separate Gather Sword Array and his strength didn’t decrease dramatically, [Silver Armored Vicious Sword]’s legs might have been chopped off already. Everyone knew that [One Sword] didn’t hold back at all.

Tink! Tink!

Two flashes of silver lights appeared on the stage.

Joy Sorrow Separate Gather Sword Array got broke apart by [One Sword]’s supreme Sword Energy. Like two birds, [Joy Sorrow Sword] and [Separate Gather Sword] let out a cry as they flew into the air and lightly stabbed into the ground beside [Silver Armored Vicious Sword]!



After falling to the ground, blood rushed out of [Silver Armored Vicious Sword]’s leg wounds like fountains. It was clear that [Silver Armored Vicious Sword] couldn’t stand anymore.

Even though this was the case, he still held up and didn’t want to completely lie down on the ground. With insane pains in his arms and legs, his expression still didn’t change. He appeared to be even wilder as he laughed, “Hahaha, what? You are finally murderous? Hahaha, [One Sword], only one sword? Yuck! You only use one strike in battle? You finally took off your musk? You are not as good as the king of Chambord! There, I said it! Hahaha, what can you do? Kill me?”

Even though he was on the ground with blood all over him, [Silver Armored Vicious Sword]’s viciousness and wildness couldn’t be held back. He appeared haughty, and he wasn’t willing to step down.

“Can you still use swords with your arms and legs broke?”

[One Sword] sneered as he carefully wiped off the blood on his rusty sword with his finger, and he then blew at his finger to get the blood off there as well. His movement looked light, but the murderous intent in his voice made all the audience members sense chills in their spines.

“Just surrender!”

“Quickly! Just do it!”

“You already proved yourself! No one will call you an arrogant idiot anymore!”

Some people in the audience already started to yell.

For some reason, a lot of people who disliked [Silver Armored Vicious Sword] already changed their perception of this warrior after seeing this match. They were now all on the side of this arrogant prince, and they all wanted [Silver Armored Vicious Sword] to surrender to save his life. Those young girls who were fans of [Silver Armored Vicious Sword] had tears in their eyes as their hearts raced.

However, the young man on the stage demonstrated his wildness.

“Haha, of course I can!”

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