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Hail the King Chapter 333.1

Chapter 333: Three Strikes (Part One)

“Second match in the quarterfinals…… winner, [One Sword]!”

After the judge walked up to [Silver Armored Vicious Sword] and did some checkups, he stood up and announced the result. Also, this judge waved at the Polo Kingdom and signaled them to send people to the stage to save their prince.

Although [Silver Armored Vicious Sword] was severely injured and lost his conscious, he didn’t die yet.

A few people jumped onto the stage. One of them was a man in his fifties. He looked strong and majestic, and he was wearing a golden crown; it was obvious that he was the king of Polo.

He quickly dashed to [Silver Armored Vicious Sword] and ordered the doctors and mages to start healing his son.

[One Sword], on the other hand, slowly put the rusty sword back into the scabbard on his back. After he shook his hand and got rid of the blood, he looked at the VIP area and stared at Fei. “Why did you get involved?” he suddenly asked.

“He praised me, so I saved him.” Fei laughed, “Just like how he mocked you and you tried to kill him.”

Fei didn’t try to hide at all.

“This is a fair competition that Emperor Yassin set up himself. How dare you get involved?” [One Sword] continued to ask patiently.

“I only got involved after the result was finalized. So technically, I wasn’t involved in your match.” Fei also answered patiently.

Of course, if what Fei said was within reason, what he said after was just next level. “What can you do if I did intervene?” [One Sword]’s expression changed, but he didn’t follow up with anything.

“You……” Anger appeared on [One Sword]’s face, but it quickly disappeared. He looked down at Fei as he stood on the tall stage and shook his head, “You are just a jerk who is unreasonable. I overestimated you.”

After he said that, he turned around and walked away.

He was afraid that he could pull out his sword if he stood there any longer.

He had to admit that he wasn’t as calm as he seemed.

It was a very strange feeling. When he was the No.1 Master Warrior among all affiliated kingdoms, he was able to treat everyone with calmness. He was like the tallest mountain, and all other mountains were inferior to him.

With that sense of superiority, despite his common appearance with the rough robe and rusty sword, he was still the unnamed king who was wearing golden armors and using god-tier weapons in other people’s eyes.

Anyone who heard his name had to praise him and look up at him.

However, all of that changed after the king of Chambord appeared.

[Sky Covering Fist] …… Under the sky, was there still a place where he, [One Sword], could stand?

One mountain couldn’t contain two tigers! The king of Chambord’s appearance destroyed [One Sword]’s feelings of superiority. Especially after the king of Chambord got more famous and showed more strength, more and more people thought that [One Sword]’s No.1 Master Warrior title was already taken by the king of Chambord.

Before, [One Sword] believed that he could ignore all the comments and judgment others had about him; he thought he could laugh all of those things off, but that wasn’t the case. Not sure when, but the hostility toward the king of Chambord already started to build inside of him even though they never met.

As the king of Chambord got more powerful and dominating, the hostility [One Sword] had grown stronger.

[One Sword]’s complicated emotions were displayed in his last match when he fought Torres. His murderous intent told him that he couldn’t keep calm anymore. Like a huge hand, Fei’s appearance dragged him down from the cloud nine.

If he wanted to return to the usual place, he would need to cut off this hand.


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  1. agila0212

    Thank you for the chapter 🙂

  2. Fimbulwinter

    I thought that One Sword was being blackmailed or something, but that’s a pretty stupid reason for being hostile. He should realize that his emotions are dragging him down to the level of the other jealous trash.

    • Yeah me as well. Perhaps he will change and join under Fei later, but I think he might have signed his death here

  3. So he was not a great man after all, huh

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