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Hail the King Chapter 333.2

Chapter 333: Three Strikes (Part Two)

The second match was finally over as people in the audience murmured among themselves.

The next match was the match that most people looked forward to. Although the king of Chambord and the Magic Princess hadn’t start battling, all the people around the stage felt like the blood inside of them was boiling as they were all very excited.

The king of Chambord, a new warrior who wasn’t even scared of the Imperial Knight Palace, and a young king who had miraculous stories. Was there anyone that can stop this young man who had shocked the audience again and again? Many people didn’t think he was going to be stopped by anyone at the competition.

Magic Princess Cindy, the princess of resourceful and powerful Bulan Kingdom. Her beautiful face and haughty appearance got her a lot of fans from the beginning, and her magic power, her spells, and her sheer confidence even made Matt Razi state that she was on the level of the king of Chambord and [One Sword].

The king and the princess…… who was going to be in the semi-finals?

Tens of thousands of people got very close to the stage as they all wanted to witness this match carefully. Even the royal mages who were here to fix the No.1 Sword-Testing Stage that was damaged in the previous match didn’t leave; they all stood around the stage.

These mages with gold-gilded red mage robes stood here for two reasons. One, they were here to prevent the audience from getting injured if the battle on the stage got too heated. Two, they also wanted to watch the battle that was deemed as the No.1 Battle between warrior energy and magic power by older-generation masters. After all, the magic power Princess Cindy demonstrated even moved these royal mages.

As magic elements surged, [No.1 Goddess] who was in a long black dress flew into the air. With a pair of wings created by wind magic elements, she looked like a pretty butterfly. She flew from the VIP area and slowly landed on the stage.

The way she moved made a lot of men who were watching this get nosebleeds.

Princess Cindy looked majestic at this moment, and she looked impeccable. However, almost every man had evil thoughts in their subconscious about destroying beautify and purity. That was why their blood was boiling.

It was heard that Magic Princess’ beautify had attracted the attention of some influential figures.

A lot of powerful forces in St. Petersburg had visited the old king of Bulan Kingdom and asked for marriage arrangements; they all wanted to establish an alliance with the Bulan Kingdom. Even though Princess Cindy was powerful, she might not be able to resist the political forces.

Fei only smiled.

Ever since this princess killed [Bloody Dual Blades] using his own methods, Fei had a good impression of her. Of course, it wasn’t love; Fei just felt like this cold Magic Princess had good morals and knew what to do in different situations, and Fei admired those characteristics of her.

After calling Torres over and giving him a bottle of [Health Potion], Fei told his bodyguard to give this to the Polo Kingdom to save [Silver Armored Vicious Sword]’s life. He then slapped the armrest of his stone throne and appeared on the stage in a flash.

After the judge announced the beginning of the match, blue lights flashed by and a “water curtain” covered the stage in all directions. It completely enveloped the stage and kept the audience safe.

The protective magic array was altered, and it can now defend against the strike of an Eight-Star Warrior.

All the cheers of the audience were blocked off, and it was completely quiet inside the stage. The two of them looked at each other, and the match was about to begin.

This was Fei’s first time standing so close to Princess Cindy.

Although her magic power hadn’t been shown yet, Fei could still sense the terrifying amount of magic power inside the thin body of this girl. She was like a nuclear bomb that could explode at any time; pretty yet dangerous.

“You intervened the previous match?” Magic Princess took off her veil as she lightly asked.

Her face was smooth like the best porcelain and had a white glare to it, and all of her facial features were perfect. She wasn’t as pure as Angela, she wasn’t as valiant as Elena, she wasn’t as wise as Tanasha, and she wasn’t as seductive as Paris. However, she had a charm of her own; she was quiet and independent like an orchid flower.

“Yeah.” Fei didn’t try to hide it.

“[One Sword] is no match for you.” As if she recalled the superior aura Fei showed when he saved [Silver Armored Vicious Sword], she said after a moment of silence, “I am not your match either.”

Fei only smiled back.

This girl’s instinct was too sharp. When Fei hurried to save [Silver Armored Vicious Sword]’s life, he used a power that was close to Nine-Star to break [One Sword]’s killing strike.

A small knife was filled with Fei’s power as it was sent flying towards [One Sword]’s sword by Fei’s finger. Although the knife knocked away [One Sword]’s sword, it also exploded to dust as it couldn’t handle Fei’s explosive power for long. Except for [One Sword], Fei thought no one else noticed. It seemed like Magic Princess took a notice of that and even compared the power in that knife with [One Sword]’s and hers. Fei’s impression of her got even better.

“However, I won’t surrender. My master told me that I can only advance if I battled with other powerful people. I want to know how powerful you are, so let’s determine the outcome of the battle in three strikes.”

As she said that, she grabbed onto that huge battle wand. Her hair started to flutter as her body slowly elevated into the air.

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