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Hail the King Chapter 335.1

Chapter 335: You Can’t Win (Part One)

As Princess Cindy shouted, the sounds of fire suddenly appeared on the stage.

At the same time, blood slowly slid down her lips. Her white skin contrasted with the red blood, and she looked extra fragile yet extra beautiful at that moment.

The huge battle wand struck down.

Instantly, a huge amount of indefensible power rushed out of the wand.


Fire beam!

Eye-piercing thick fire beam!

As if it torn apart space and didn’t belong in this universe, it shot out of the tip of the wand and dashed at Fei rapidly.

The thick fire beam was very bright, and it caused a burn to people’s eyes.

No one expected such a powerful fire spell from Princess Cindy. She had been only showing and using her smooth ice spells in the past, and no one thought she also mastered spells on the other end of the spectrum.

The burning fire felt like it was going to destroy the land, and the ground of the Sword-Testing Stage was heated to the maximum. The sunlight was bent, and white fogs started to appear on the stage. This scene would only appear if the protective “water curtain” magic array was about to collapse due to the terrifying fire magic elements.

Fei’s face changed color.

He didn’t know that this girl could play with both ice and fire.

Clench the fist, grasp the energy, concentrate the energy, and punch-out……

This series of movements were almost completed in a second, and the people in the audience could only see a series of blurry afterimages. The movements themselves were aesthetically pleasing as well, and the afterimages looked like a crystalized lotus.

When this lotus bloomed, Fei punched out.


The crystalized fist mark that had a transparent flame around it smashed into the red fire beam that was coming at it.

As soon as they encountered each other, the fire power of the fire beam and the physical force of the crystal fist mark started to devour each other. The victory didn’t immediately show itself. The red fire continued to eat away at Fei. Gradually, Fei’s entire right arm was covered by the red fire beam. In addition, this red fire beam was gradually moving towards other areas of Fei’s body.

Princess Cindy, on the other hand, was barely able to maintain her position. The huge magic gem on the tip of the wand was the source of this fire beam, and the fire beam continuously rushed out of it like a laser.

The only thing was that her face was extremely pale. Under her silver flowery crown, sweats covered her head. More and more blood slid down the edge of her mouth. After the blood slid down her long and beautiful neck, it slid into her black dress.

She forcefully activated the magic power that was beyond her control, and she recited the spell that she hadn’t mastered. Although she had help from magic items, the damage to her own body couldn’t be avoided. Currently, the Magic Princess was in a terrible condition as well.


After this went on for another 10 minutes, Fei’s expression changed as he shook his right arm.

Strands of transparent physical energy expanded outward like waves, and the thick fire beam finally started to whine. As if it was a snake that got its tender spot grasped, it started to cry and continued to shrink in size. Soon, all the fire in the air disappeared.

The white sleeve of Fei’s shirt and Fei’s black wristband were all burned into ashes.

[Burning Beauty of Flames] did pose some threats to Fei. After all, Princess Cindy did risk getting injured to cast this spell that was beyond her control. This spell was on the level of Eight-Star, and Fei couldn’t really dismantle it when he was in a passive position. Fei suspected that Magic Princess Cindy had one or more magic items on her that helped her, and he suspected that there was at least one item that was on the level of Sub-God-tier. Otherwise, a mage who was on the level of Six-Star couldn’t deal so much damage above her capacity.

It seemed like everyone had their own trump cards.

Everyone was the protagonist in their own lives; everyone had their own opportunities and their own pride.

After a short moment of silence, unprecedented cheers erupted around the stage. Like an erupting volcano, loud thunders, and tsunami, the cheers soared into the sky and even temporarily deafened some people. This was the best match the audience had witnessed so far in the competition.

There weren’t any fancy and fluff fillers; there were only direct battles. This was a real match, and the two participants demonstrated what it meant to be masters.

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