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Hail the King Chapter 335.2

Chapter 335: You Can’t Win (Part Two)

Even people who had no power could sense the terrifying energies from the match. Although they couldn’t tell how powerful those snowstorm, crystalized fist mark, and thick fire beam were, their souls subconsciously worshiped the two participants. Even though only a tiny bit of pressure was passed through the magic array, their souls were trembling.

All of the royal mages around the stage no longer had time to be surprised. They tried their best to inject more and more magic power into the array so it didn’t break down. Otherwise, if the power inside the array was leaked out, more than half of the audience would be killed, and it would be the biggest tragedy in the history of Zenit!

Everyone in the VIP area stood up and stared at the match closely. Some people were surprised, some people were joyous, some people were shocked, and some people were dumbfounded…… The king of Chambord was very significant in the eyes of the big forces. Even if the big influential figures didn’t like the king of Chambord, they had to start being more careful when dealing with the Chambord Kingdom.

Many people looked at Luck Prince Shevchenko again.

This time, this young man no longer looked calm. His was shocked as he slowly sat down on his seat. He didn’t say anything, and no one could observe his expressions as he lowered his head.

On the stage.

Magic Princess Cindy started to shake a little in the air. Her face looked even paler, but her eyes were still shiny as ever. With decisiveness in her eyes and a stubborn smile on her face, it felt like this girl made a tragic decision. For a moment, Fei felt like there were tears in this girl’s eyes, and he felt like this princess was a moth that was about to fly into a flame.

“Last strike……” Princess Cindy wiped the blood off of the corner of her mouth. She took out a white silk band from her storage ring and tied her hair into a ponytail. After that, she grabbed her wand and started chanting again using her goddess-like crisp voice.

As the chant sounded, all the magic elements on the stage started to surge. A terrifying sensation started to appear, and everyone could tell that Princess Cindy was preparing a spell that was more powerful than the previous two.

Fei shook his head and said: “Stop, you are already injured.”

The only response to Fei’s recommendation was more chanting. Even the magic elements outside the Sword-Testing Stage rushed in, and people in the audience felt like magic elements flowed pass them like invisible water. It felt like an illusion, but it felt real as well.

“You will die if you continue to use Forbidden Spells.” Fei frowned and said after he sensed the stubbornness of his opponent.

The chanting didn’t stop, and stubbornness was still written all over Princess Cindy’s face.

A terrifying amount of magic element surrounded her body, and these magic elements were so dense that they created a huge windstorm 10 meters around her. As the wind blew in all directions, the people in the audience all fell backward as if they were crops in a windy field. For a moment, gasps sounded from all directions.

“Please stop.”

Fei lightly shook his head and instantly appeared in front of this Magic Princess. Those powerful magic elements couldn’t stop Fei at all, and Fei’s palm was already on the forehead of [No. 1 Goddess].

Even a kid knew what it meant to have a warrior standing next to a mage.

If Fei moved his hand, he would be able to destroy the beautiful yet stubborn girl.

People around the stage started to scream, especially the elderly king and the young princes of the Bulan Kingdom; they looked terrified as they shouted.

However, the Magic Princess still didn’t stop chanting.

Decisiveness could still be seen in her eyes, but Fei saw a bit of relief on her stubborn face. It felt like she thought she would be relieved if Fei killed her. Despite all these thoughts, forcefully chanting a powerful Forbidden Spell made her condition even worse as more blood slid down her nostrils and mouth.

“You can’t win. Go back and rest.”

Fei lightly tapped Cindy’s head, and the force was just enough to make this Magic Princess faint. Without the support of magic power, her body dropped down from the air. To avoid more injuries, Fei reached out and kept this [No.1 Goddess] in his arms.

The king of Chambord won!

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