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Hail the King Chapter 336.1

Chapter 336: Two Letters (Part One)

After the judge announced the result of the match, the royal mages who were injected all of their magic powers into the protective magic array finally stopped.

After running-water noise sounded, the water curtain-like array was taken down.

A few figures quickly dashed onto the stage.

It was the old king and the three princes of Bulan.

“Thank you, Your Majesty!” the old king of Bulan was thin and had white hair and white beard, but he looked energetic. After he looked at Fei, he bowed and thanked Fei for going easy on his daughter.

A handsome young man who had curly hair took Princess Cindy from Fei’s arms nervously. He looked valiant and a bit haughty, and he was probably Princess Cindy’s younger brother.

Although Princess Cindy lost to Fei, the people from the Bulan Kingdom were very polite and respectful towards Fei.

They all knew that Princess Cindy tried to use spells that she couldn’t handle without caring about the injuries they would do to her body. If the king of Chambord didn’t use his superior strength to forcefully stop Princess Cindy, this beautiful yet talented young girl might have been killed by the backlash of the magic elements instead of fainting.

The people of Bulan quickly left with Princess Cindy as the audience murmured among themselves.

“King of Chambord! King of Chambord! King of Chambord!”

Someone started to cheer for Fei. Gradually, everyone around the stage started to chant the same thing. This high-level battle was something that a lot of people wanted to see, and a lot of people’s life dreams were satisfied as they watched two master warriors battle through the “water curtain”. After all, a lot of civilians who had no power rarely saw master warriors on this level.

The king of Chambord also shown the generosity of a king.

Compared to [One Sword] who tried to kill [Silver Armored Vicious Sword] when he had the upper-hand, Fei who saved Princess Cindy at the critical moment was more in-line with people’s heroic fantasies.

At this moment, a lot of Princess Cindy’s fans were chanting on the king of Chambord, and some of them even thought, “Perhaps only a super powerful king like the king of Chambord is suitable for a talented female mage like Magic Princess.”

After this battle, the top-4 list was finalized. The king of Chambord and [Goddess of Archery] secured two spots for Chambord and looked dominating, and [One Sword]’s advancement was within expectation as well. In comparison, Luck Prince Shevchenko was believed to be the weakest of the bunch. Almost everyone believed that he would not make into the final match.

Didn’t matter how lucky he was, there wasn’t a free pass next round.

Luck was useless in front of real strength.


After the matches were over, it was already the afternoon.

When Fei returned to the campsite of Chambord, the maid named Autumn came up and reported that the Elder Princess had invited Angela to her place, and three other maids, Spring, Summer, and Winter also went with Angela.

Fei lightly frowned and nodded.

Autumn was one of the girls who was gifted to Fei by Blood-Edge. Fei saved them from the cruel punishment of the Imperial Knight Palace and let them obtain residency at Chambord since they could no longer find their families. Angela pitied them and let them become her maids as they were cute and smart.

However, Fei suddenly thought about a famous movie in his previous life called “Flirting Scholar” at the time and gave them the names of the four maids in the movie.

Even though no one understood Fei’s sense of humor and everyone thought the names were weird, they were given by the king, and the four maids were honored by it.

Although the names were weird, they sounded good and people started calling them Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

As Fei was wondering why Tanasha invited Angela over again, he walked into the central tent.

However, he saw a beautiful figure lying on the carpet made from the white fur of a demon beast; this carpet was placed under the stone throne that Fei always sat on. When Fei walked in, this girl was putting a purple grape in her mouth. She was very relaxed, her silver long hair was resting on the soft carpet, and her white dress couldn’t completely cover her white legs that would make all men thirsty.

“Ah, Your Majesty, you are back…… I…… I……”

This girl was terrified when she saw Fei walk in. She quickly jumped off of the carpet made from level 6 Demon Beast – Cloud Leopard’s fur, but she hit her head on the stone table above her. Although it was painful and that area did swell, she looked at Fei with a scared expression as she tried to find her shoes. There were tears in her eyes, and her hair was all messy.

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